Friday, May 7, 2010


A nice day to work in the yard and of course the pups were wishing they could help but they like to pick up my bricks and yard ornaments and move them and that doesn't make Mom happy so they will have to stay tied up until they learn to not take off Thought we would try and make our own version ot the topsy turvey planter, so we made this one for a gift..I still plan to write on it and put some screen on the top and I will show another picture when we have it finished
Fially got around to mulching this area and am finding out that the veggies do much better in pots of black soil..we have some lettuce and herds planted in these pots and will be enjoying eating them as soon as they are ready.

This is the Iris plants I dug up that were next to the driveway and they are done blooming for now. We have some trees that have big roots sticking up out of the ground so I just filled it with some good soil and planted the Iris there since they don't need to be planted deep. I think they look nice even if not blooming with the squirrells and Rooster. I love to have cute things in my Flower beds

The coconut baskets don't work real good since they don't hold the water for very long but I like the way this area looks with my cute chotskies and my poor man mulch (pine cones)
We have tons of pine cones in our yard and I like to looks of them and wanted to use them someplace.

Well the shed we just got is taking shape and it now holds all the items that we were paying to have in storage shed. Wanted it to look like it belonged here so put a pot of red climbing beans in front and have a string going up the wall for them to climb on
A neighbor gave me some cutting of her cactus and I thought that would be a good place for them....don't want them where someone might touch them because you will get the little stickers in your hand...they hurt and are hard to pick out.
I'm sure no one will be touching them :)

Found this old wheel barrell and thought it would make a good planter for my herbs and they are doing great in there...I will buy a few more herb plants so I have enough for when my tomatoes are ready and I can make spaghetti sauce and stock the freezer
Also have some old buckets that actually have the bottom rotted out and have some radishes..carrots and other veggies planted in them

I have NEVER seen a Rose bush grow like this one did. The one branch coming off the side was full or Red rose Buds and after they opened they turned Pink. The ones on the right were Pink buds right from the start. Makes me wonder if someone might have done a grafting on it years ago. I dug this one up in front of some bushes...It looked half dead and only had 2 Roses on it last summer.
I also planted a few Impatience and a Pansey in the pot for some extra color.

This is another rose bush that looked almost dead that I dug up and also planted some runner beans that have pretty red flowers and they are climbing like crazy...I can't wait to see how they look when they start blooming

I have had this little wagon for many years and alsays had it just sitting empty in my flower beds. This year I had Billy drill some little drain holes in the bottom and filled it with good potting soil and have radishes coming up in it.
A friend told me how her sister planted dill in the cement blocks and how well it grew so I will be planting some more dill in the blocks (the dill in my garden is doing almost nothing

I will be sharing more pictures soon when plants start #8 son is getting me a new hot water canner for Mothers Day and I am anxious to try some recipes that I found in the Mommies Recipes blog (the link is on my left side should really go and check it out :)


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Wow!!!! You've been really busy, Nancy!!!! Everything is looking so good. You should be proud. An idea for those hanging wire baskets that don't hold moisture well ----- cut up some old sponges into tiny pieces and mix into your soil. When you water, the sponges will soak up the moisture and keep the soil wet for a much longer time.

nancy huggins said...

Thank you for that idea Cora...why didn't I think of that??? I am older than you and that means I should be wiser LOL
I will be doing that tomorrow..hope Billy won't miss half of his new sponge:)

papel1 said...

Your garden looks great and you sure add interest to it, with all the accessories. I sure appreciate all your visits to my blog. You are a busy lady.

nancy huggins said...

I enjoy visiting your blog Judy

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Nancy:
Love all your garden photos. You've been one busy bee, for sure. I'm sure you'll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor all summer and into fall.

Happy Mother's Day, my dear.

ByLightOfMoon said...

I love your garden plants! I have to container plant also as we have sheer limestone under my top soil layer.

Smiles, Cyndi

nancy huggins said...

I am almost dreading when it is all ready to pick..can..freeze etc etc etc.
Yes Cyndi..The only positive way to know you stuff will grow is to plant in pots with good black soil...I put empty plastic bottles in bottom of pot and then I fill about 2/3 of the way with the lousey soil from out back and then I fill it the rest of the way with the nice Miracle Grow potting great and the Fish emulsion fertalizer is just what it neds to make it bigger and better :)