Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nice Day for a Family Ride in the Country

I am from up North so of course I am always amazed to see olde houses that pass down from one generation to the next...This house was built in 1923 and was built by the same man as the other older house This house was built in 1887 and of course was remodeled a lot
I bet the inside is beautiful (and I bet there is a dishwasher too )
You can tell it is farm country here when you go to eat lunch or dinner at the Pig Pen huh?

This was the post office many years ago...if only walls could talk
And of course there was a hardware store...That Westinghouse sign must have been very even made it through a hurricane

I am a lover of all things Primitive and this sign did make me chuckle.I never stayed at a PRIMITIVE campground

But something to be said about spending time with Family at the lake on a warm and sunny afternoon

No Groceries sold here any more but there was when my husband was a teen ager...would love to see what is still inside there too.

There are some small Post Offices left in town..This is where we get our mail from that we have sent to our P O Box..butmail is stilled hand machines like we are used to in the bigger towns now

It was a nice ride and of course we took the family (Bianca..Annie..Maggie and Calli) and they had fun barking at dogs everywhere and Maggie just has to put her head between us and look out the front window of the car..she is a lot like a human except humans don't drool on me when putting their head next to mine.
When we went to the national Park there was a little building you had to pull up to and there was a policeman..He asked if we were going to use the facilties and we said "No..Just going for a ride"
He gave us a pass so we could just ride through and of course he got a big howdy from all 4 dogs..He really did remind me of Ranger Rick.
It is always interesting to take a ride and see all the REALLY OLD buildings..and they will probably be there for another 50 years or until they fall down...No high rise buildings or million dollar homes going on any of this farm country...just a lot of memories no matter what shape they are in.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Thank you for the ride down "country Lane"..I love those old buildings..would love to see inside them..what a gorgeous day for it..have a wonderful week ahead.:
p.s. I love the primitive camping sign...that is a first for me.;)

Carmen C. said...

What wonderful old buildings, sounds like a fun little road trip with the pups:)

Laura Frantz said...

Wonderful pics and post! Wish I lived down there with you. I'm in need of a sunny, Sunday drive! Thanks for sharing your blessings here and let us enjoy the ride with you!

Dani said...

very cool old wonder what is inside..did you stop and peak in? I'd be tempted....we need to take an afternoon and see what we can find here..with all the progress, they are fast disappearing...

nancy huggins said...

Can't peek inside if there is weeds around it because of Snakes...and I DON"T like SNAKES..especially Rattle Snakes ans other poision snakes.
Maybe I can find my binnoculars for the next road trip.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

That was a delightful little trip to the country..thanks for taking us along!! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and left a comment, it's always nice to meet new friends :o)
Thanks also for helping to spread the word about my giveaway--you are very sweet!
Smiles, Karen

ByLightOfMoon said...

It is nice to know the history of the buildings! I love to take all kinds of photos also of two lane roads. Smiles, Cyndi