Friday, April 16, 2010


Opps the pictures are in reverse..sorry about that..I'm sure you get the picture anyhow ...just start at the bottom of post and it might make more sense
Maggie is feeling much better and doesn't want to share the toy of Biancas that we are trashing Let me help Maggie..I saw it first
Look at the new toy Mom bought for Bianca..lets trash it for her..she will buy Bianca a new one
You are supposed to let me rip it too Maggie

Well...I did tear most of the stuffing out He He He
This sure is a nice toy...I wonder why Mom doesn't buy them for us

Oh..Mom thinks we might wreck the toys she buys for Bianca

But she does buy us rawhide chews and I think yours looks bigger than mine Maggie
Please can we have just a little taste of your dinner Daddy..look at how sweet we are

Ha Ha..they all think they are special because they bark a lot..well my name is Pickles and I rule the roost

I even took over one of Moms big baskets and I can lay in it and watch her when she is crafting or on the computer

I like the hutch she just moved into computer room I can really watch her from here

I even let Annie lay on the bed with me sometimes

Just so you all know though..I am the sweet little special kitty and I love laying on Moms dresser
I do move off the bed at night ...and I lay on the dresser ..I don't like sleeping in the bed with 2 dogs...they hog the bed and we were here before the dogs and we keep ALL mice out of the house..we should be the special ones

We are Moms Ferril cats that she got in 2003 My name is "Anndarie"


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh our dog loves to pull the stuffing out of his toy and eats it..I have two toys to stitch up...Love your kittys..they are just their coloring..and love your little white puppys..they all seem loved and very happy..have a great weekend:)

Carmen C. said...

LOL, what a precious gang of furbabies you have! That "pull the stuffing out of the toy" game looks like alot of fun:D

Dani said...

so much fun! pets can keep us so entertained, can't they? I hadn't seen your cats before....beautiful!

Debra said...

I really enjoyed your pet pics! Even if the dofs were a littl naughty! Gald to see they are doing well!

DeeDee said...

So very glad Maggie is doing better...and tearing up go to the goodwill for toys because they always end up this your lovely pets are special...