Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today was our First Birthday and Mom and Dad took us for a nice long ride (60 miles) to visit one of our best friends. Of course I had to keep my head up between Mom and Dad just like I always do to see what was going on while Calli and Bianca and Annie slept. We could hear other dogs barking and we just wanted to hurry up inside to see what was going on This is my friend "Dr Jones and he checked my heart and said it sounded good and to come back in 6 months...Mom and Dad were relieved
Then he checked out my hind end to see why I keep chasing my tail and licking myself all the time...He said if it keeps up I would have to have my anal glands removed but Mom told him we would have to wait a while until we get him paid in full.
Then he squirt some stuff on all 4 of our necks just to stay safe from bugs and ticks and heart worm...when we were all done he gave us a special treat and even gave Mom the rest of the bag for us to take home..He is such a nice man.....He even likes us :)

Then we came home and Mom put us in our crate while they went to the store...Boy did we luck out...they had a big clearance sale on dog chews and toys and Mom got us a bunch of them since they were marked down to $1.00 @
They also bought some sugar free ice cream ...and some cones and they even went to the dollar store and bought us a balloon that floats up to the ceiling

We also got a few new toys (on clearance of course) and we didn't know what to grab first
That sure was some good ice cream but I think my favorite was the huge rawhide chews we got...she didn't even wrap them because she knew we would eat the wrapping too :)
This is the best ice cream cone ever..and Doc said we gained weight...Hmmm..I wonder why

It sure is hard to hang on to this cone while I eat it and it is really cold too

This is the balloon she got us and it scared Annie a lot and could cause her to have a seizure so Mom tied it to the bed and let us get on the bed to take a picture (It was our Birthday after all)

Annie was just staying in the other room because she was so scared of that thing floating up by the ceiling

But she enjoyed coming in the kitchen to have some ice cream and help celebrate our Birthday

Bianca thinks just because she is the oldest and was in our home first that she can take things away from us...and sometimes she trys to hide it on us

I just stayed behind the recliner with my chew so no one else could get it

Mom even bought Bianca a squeaky toy just because we keep ripping her other ones to shreads

It was a pretty good day for all of us and next month Bianca has to go for her Rabies shot and blood test for heart worm...I wonder if we will all get some more goodies


Dani said...

Hi, the photos, the dog party went well as I can see...what fun!
we have tomatoes in all 4 of the upside down early girl, one yellow cherry, beef steak, and one other mystery plant...

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

happy birthday to your pooches...they cleaned up..;)

Carmen C. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Dr. Jones sounds like a wonderful man and it sounds like you all had a WONDERFUL and fun filled day!!! I love the plate and ice cream cone on the BED, lol,that is too funny!!!! Congrats on the great check up, that is awesome!

PeggyR said...

Happy Birthday pooches! Glad to hear all is going well.

Carol said...

Wow, what a birthday celebration for your fur babies. Lots of cool treats and a clean bill of health from Dr. Jones. Thanks for sharing their progress with us:) Hugs and scritches:)

papel1 said...

What a great group of pictures of your dogs. The vet looks like a nice person. Thanks for keeping us posted on all your dogs.

ByLightOfMoon said...

What a fun Birthday Party! And, I am so glad they are both doing well now!

My dogs love those white rawhide chews also.
Smiles, cyndi