Friday, April 9, 2010


Maggie seems to be O K so far even though the vet said to keep her calm for 3 weeks..He must be joking :)..You can not keep a big puppy calm when she has her sister to run and play and tussle. She has to go back to vet for them to listen to her heart and then again in 6 months.
She thinks she is O K and can do whatever she wants...including jumping the fence and taking off and does not like to come back when she is called. She took off with the one neighbors dog a few days ago (yes this neighbor just leaves his dog run wher ever he wants) and we didn't see Maggie for about 2 hours. Billy finally saw her at the neighbors house and went and got her. She was SOAKED which means her and "Oreo" (neighbors dog) had run through the creek.
I was sooooo mad at her, tied her up outside until she dried off and she did know I was very upset with her and was kind of quiet the rest of the night.

This is what you call 2 very spoiled puppies laying on the bed in the guest room. They love a humans bed LOL

Maggie and Calli both also like Mom and Dads recliners and I almost feel guilty waking them up to put them in their crate for the night.
They will be 1 yr old on the 21st and it has been a real challenge. After raising 8 sons and 1 daughter I thought it would be nice to have some big dogs and would be easy....boy was I mistaken..None of my kids stole food..chewed shoes and magazines and even registration for car tags. I was told they will out grow being naughty when they are 2...I am doing the count down but I must say they are getting better. They even tried to help me remodel the bathroom and tore some of the wall paper off the wall . All in all they are good puppies (I guess I will always call them pups) and anything they have done was fixable for the most part even though they trashed the couch and we had to burn it (It wasn't much good anyhow and I guess they knew I hated that couch)

Garden is doing O K and will have to start mulching tomorrow. Billy dug some spots for me before the tractor got here to get the garden ready and this is where I have 10 pepper plants. I have the fence around it to keep neighbors dog from trampling them (He did dig 3 big holes where I have the spinach and beans planted so who knows what they will look like if they do make it.

This is also 2 rows that Billy dug by hand and left a wide space between the rows I have some tomatoes and some beets and carrots in this area and it measures about 23 X 33 feet.

I have some other plants and seeds in this area and it measures about 33 X 58 feet

This is just another spot that Billy dug for me and has Peas and beans and some Kohlrabi

This is where we planted a ton of beets and carrots and at the end I have some sunflowers measures about 33 X 38 feet

This is where I have a lot of squash planted and some more measure about 33 X 50
and way over to the left is where I have some of my gourds and devils claw planted

This is where we will be planting the rest of the corn and Billy has some purple hull peas and speckeled beans to plant..This is the largest area and measures about 83 X 51 feet.....I am hoping for a good crop to freeze and can from all of the garden.
We also have one more plot that I didn't get a picture of that is about 51 X 57 feet that has a lot of watermelon and cantaloupe and some more Tomato plants and even thought I would try 1 egg plant and some seeds.
I will put a list of everything we have planted in my next post and maybe show more pictures later when we get it mulched and things start growing.
Oh...and I also have a few herb gardens and I still have a few packs of some greens and of course will be planting some small containers of Marigolds and putting them around in garden to help keep bugs away.


Dani said...

wow, have so much land to garden..I am envious....our little plot is tiny compared to yours....hope everything does really well.....and the silly dog won't dig it all up...I have heard of some spray you can get that will keep dogs out...that might be the solution, I don't know..

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Nancy:
Thanks for the update on Maggie! I've been wondering how she's doing. Don't you just love how dogs live in the moment? Your garden(s) are going to be fabulous, too. Take care and have a good weekend.

Carmen C. said...

It sounds like the pups are having lots of fun, LOL! Your garden plots look great, I hope the neighbors' dog will mind his manners and stay out of there!

PeggyR said...

I'm glad she is doing well! I know what you mean about keeping them calm. Bonnie had to stay calm for 8 weeks with her knee surgeries 2 years ago. I will say she was a great patient!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I'm jealous, too!!!!! I need a man with a tractor. I'd love to have a garden that big. And being in the south, you should be able to get TWO plantings.

Remember everything you told me about Buster when I was ready to give up?????? He's three years old now (birthday is today!), and still very active, but at least is somewhat behaved. The really bad stuff is in the past and I wouldn't give a million bucks for him now. So you were right. Just think of Buster when your two are soooooooo bad!!!!!!

nancy huggins said...

I don't know what I was thinking when I bought all the seeds and son said I must have thought it was 25 years ago and we all lived in WI...Careful what you wish for Cora..I am already dreading mulching around all the plants..then picking everything when it is ready and then canning and freezing it all. I will have to become a vegetarian cause there won't be any room left in our big freezer for meat.
I am going to use a lot of the tomatoes to make Spaghetti sauce and hopefully the herbs will do good too that I need.
Well only have 1 Buster..I have 2 of them and they LOVE to do everything together..left them in here while I went outside and mulched the peppers and they trashed one of my bird hoses that I loved. They are now in their crate looking sad.
I don't think there will be a second garden unless it is just some greens...not doing this twice LOL
pups learned to jump the fence...not sure what to do since I do NOT like tying them out.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Nancy, somewhere I saw that you were looking for chocolate mint seeds. Here are some on Ebay:

I love all the different mints.

I also learned that sage leaves around the base of your tomato plants will keep pests away from them.

Buster tries to fly over the fence, but he is too big now and looks like an overgrown wonder dog as he only goes about a foot off the ground. Fatten those pups up so they will be to heavy to fly!!!!!

papel1 said...

Love the puppy pictures and thats quite a garden you have. Our pets run our lives don't they.