Monday, March 29, 2010


I am from the North where there is black dirt so I have never tried to grow anything in clay or red dirt. I am filling planters with the soil from down here in the south and I bought some BIG bags of potting soil and when I plant my seeds I put some of the potting soil on top of the other soil and then scatter my seeds and then sprinkle a little more potting soil on top of them. I am also using miracle grow to fertalize and have been looking for some fish emulsion or goat do do to make goat tea. Today we will ride around and see if there is any places to buy plants besides WM...they are very high priced at WM and do NOT look healthy. I bought this gold miner statue for Billy about 4 years ago and was always going to paint it but never got around to it...maybe this year. I have seeds planted in all the pots and will fill the area around it with mulch or gravel
Since we have tree trunks that have roots above the ground I filled it in between the raised roots with some Irises I dug up and of course took soil they were growing in...Maybe they will grow there. My sister bought me the cute Rusty looking Rooster and a friend made me the Squirrels a few years ago.

I love this little bike that one of my son's bought for me a few years ago on Mothers Day (Actually he bought me 2) and I will be putting plants in the baskets after Easter. I thought I would pick up some of the many pine cones we have in the yard and use for a decorative type of mulch. I need to pick up some more and finish filling it in. The little boy with the dog reminds me of one of my sons...that is how I would have found him in the yard when he wanted to take a rest with the dog :)

This is in front of the fence we have for the pups and I have started some gourd seeds and some melons...When they get big enough to transplant they will go in the garden. The little boy in the wagon also reminds me of one of my sons that loved his wagon (Yes I have 8 have lots of memories)

This is some enamelware dish pans from many years ago and also have flower seeds in them. The Marigolds and one other one are already popping up..Maybe it will help keep the mosquitos away from my pups. Have an old hand pump there just for decoration even though the handle is missing...maybe I will find one some place :)

I love this planter that another son bought me for MD a few years ago. It has 3 terra cotta planters in the rack but I am going to wait and put some plants in it. Have to buy the right plants since they can't get real tall and the 2 bottom planters don't get a lot of sun :)
That is an old wicker head board for a twin bed that I picked up on the side of the road a few years ago. I thought it looked nice behind the planter with the little Angels around it.
I will be taking more pictures if flowers start growing soon


Nellie said...

that's a big garden!

nancy huggins said...

It is in all different places in the yard..we are plowing about 1/2 acre to plant gourds,melons,corn and other veggies soon :)

Dani said...

your garden will look really nice when the flowers start blooming..the iris you sent me (remember the swap we did?) is going to bloom soon...they didn't do anything when I planted them in our planter box but since we transplanted them into the ground, they are taking off...can hardly wait to see what color they will be....thanks for sharing....

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Looking great, Nancy! Southern gardens are such a challenge, believe me. At least you have dirt. Ours is sand. I decided to do a veggie garden this year, but it's all in containers with potting soil. I even planted in Joann's shopping bags. They make the greatest planters and only cost a dollar. It's hard to believe that it is already too late to plant here for a spring garden. Love your dish pans!!!!!

Fran said...

Not sure where to post this but I purchased some soaps and a mannequin pin cushion from Nancy on her selling blog during her big sale. The pin cushion has gotten comments from everyone who sees it. So adorable and great job. The soaps are just delicious. I really like the primitive soap and the liitle duck soaps for the kids are really big. The rose petal soap is so pretty sitting in a dish in the bathroom. Great Bargains all.

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Looks like you have a green thumb and will have a wonderful garden! Have a wonderful Easter. blessings,Kathleen

ByLightOfMoon said...


I had no idea you lived in Alabama! You are south of me, I am just outside Birmingham on the south side.

I bet you are full of the "To Kill a Mockingbird" events. I would love to come see it sometime. We have rock here in our yard and very hard to plant. So most of my things are above ground or in pots.

Take care, I am praying for your dog! Our Saint Bernard got it back in the 80's but did OK through the treatments. Just do those monthly treatments from now on.

Smiles, Cyndi