Monday, October 19, 2009

Wocket in My Pocket? NO Dead Frog in my Bathtub

I'm sure you have all heard of the story "Wocket in My Pocket (A kids Book) Well I have another one to tell you.
On a Friday night I found a dead (and very dried up) Frog on the kitchen floor (which can only mean he got under a cabinet and died and my Cat pulled it out...because Dead Frogs don't hop) Then the next night when I decided to soak in the bath tub with Lavender Bubble bath and I could hear it pouring rain outside.
Well the way I like to soak in the tub is to put about 3 or 4" of very HOT water in the tub and then I shut the water off and just let it heat the Bathroom up.
Then I add a lot more warm water until it is the right temp and then I get in and soak a while....It helps relax my muscles.
I got in the tub and of course there was Bubbles all across the water and I washed my Face and then was kind of sliding down in the water to soak my neck. Just then the bubbles moved and I could see something down in the water and knew I didn't drop anything in the tub..I reached over with my hand and picked it up and it was kind of scared me half to death...I then saw that it was a Frog that must have came in the window while I was letting the scalding hot water heat up the room and he decided to jump in the water. The HOT water must have killed him because he still had his eyes open and all 4 legs streatched out.
As upset as I was I still felt kind of sorry for him...why can't they stay outside where they belong. I always do I put him on a napkin with a note on it for the Mr to show him what was in the tub...I guess he threw him away because he was gone when I got up.
I of course did the same thing with the one the cat pulled out the night before.
The next night I was sitting up by myself watching T V and saw the cat batting something around on the floor and looked over to see what it was..yep..sure enough..another Frog (only a different color) so I did the same thing with the napkin since he was a dead one too ........ when I got up the next morning the napkin was there...but no Frog so I asked him about it and he informed me that there was no Frog on it...I have NO idea what happened to that Frog and I don't really want to know..I just wish they would stay out side.
I don't know why it bothers me so much to see a dead Frog.....they are kind of cute and many times I have caught them and put them back outside.
It doesn't bother me to kill one of the wood or water roaches (and they are big) or the ugliest spider I have ever seen trying to get in my back door..but Frogs don't really hurt anything...They are just stupid...So the moral of this story is just like the kids book "Wocket in My Pocket" This story is about The Frog in My Bathtub"
I guess I just wasn't meant to live in the country.
Should be interesting if we decided to light a fire in the fireplace this winter and disturb the family of who knows how many Bats that are living in the Chimney....wonder if they will fly up and out of the Chimney or try to come in the house. Good thing Santa won't be coming down the Chiminey


Dani said...

wow...there must be alot of frogs around your sad for them though.....the other day, I was washing something in our outdoor sink when I noticed a cricket jumping around in the I scooped him up and he jumped down on to patio..just then a small lizard ran toward the cricket and ate him quick as a wink..poor cricket never had a chance..

papel1 said...

We have frogs outside and other creatures. Never a frog inside but the tiny lizards get in now and then. Lots of mice and gophers outside, but not inside thank goodness. I hate mice.

nancy huggins said...

I have dogs and kitties and that is ALL that I want in my house :)