Friday, October 16, 2009

Do you believe in FATE

Here he is and he does have a name now..His name is Tiger....He lives on Miss "Gs' porch and he likes it there...but how did he happen to get there..He moves off the porch when we go over to visit....
and he won't come near the door when he sees me there on the other side of the door..He seems very scared most of the time

He just really doesn't want to be bothered....

Finally decides since this kind man is getting down to his level so it might be O K but is still worried that someone might be coming to hurt him

Well...this kind man does have 2 white dogs he brought with to visit and they seem happy so maybe I can trust him..I do like running and chasing the one all around the yard and she likes to run and play chase with me....

I think I really do like this kind man that came to visit..He even let me give him a big sloppy Dog kiss.....Here is what I think has happened to this Sweet little Dog that now has the name of "Tiger"
I think someone has abused him and then threw him out of a car..I think he lived inside a house because he would like to go in this one by Miss "G"
I am Pretty sure he has been abused but is still looking for someone to just Love Him and he will Love them back.
Why did he pick this House to go to and look for that..Maybe because he was fed some scraps...No..He could have found food somewhere else and ate once here and then just moved on..Why did he live out on a busy highway for 2 weeks and only come near this house when he thought it was safe.
It didn't take much to show him that someone cared about him..Why is he so happy when miss "G" comes out to feed him or give him fresh water. Why did she even go and buy him some rawhide chews and then said she thought he was so happy that he smiled. (she says she doesn't want a dog )
Why did he STAY on her Porch when a man and woman came to her door and get between them and her inside the door and show his teeth and growl..Did he sense there might be some harm there.
I do believe that "Tiger" was sent to live with Miss "G" because it was an act of God..We all know that God spelled back words is "Dog" and I think Dogs are Gods favorite animals..why
Because all you have to do is Love them and let them know you care...they will pay you back tenfold...even when you are angry or in a bad mood and even some people that are mean or mistreat a dog..It will still be loyal and loving and looking for another chance to Love you back.
Now what do you think..Did Tiger just show up and hang around for scraps...I don't think so..I think he felt some love from the hands that were feeding him and just wants the chance to love those hands back. (even if she didn't want a Dog)
You might not be the most Beautiful Dog I have ever seen Tiger..But there isn't a Dog anywhere that is more caring and loving.
I hope you stay with Miss "G" forever..she is 91 years old and might enjoy your company as much as you enjoy hers. :)
I do think you were sent to be with Miss "G" because God sent you there..
Yes I would call it an "Act Of God"


Dani said...

Great are so right, Tiger looks like he doesn't trust very many humans and probably with good reason..he found a safe place..these poor creatures need our help in so many ways...good thoughts sent his way.....hope he will accept shelter as its getting colder...maybe a outdoor dog house of some kind?

nancy huggins said...

We did take a Big wooden Box over for him and even though he can't fit all the way in it he can get some shelter from the cold. Also took a nice big hand made quilt for him to cuddle up on. He hasn't gone in it yet but he does like to get up on top of it (since Bianca showed him how to do that( He is a real sweetheart and I hope he gets to stay there and call it his forever home.

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

How sweet and sad. Tiger looks so loveable. Hopefully, he will get his confidence in mankind back. blessings,Kathleen