Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home..Many Years Ago

Can you imagine living here a LONG time ago...Maybe some kids playing in the yard...maybe a Dog and Kitty.....I bet it was a nice house a long time ago..People laughing and Mama cooking in the Kitchen and Papa out in the field doing Farm Chores.

I always try to imagine what it might have been like living in some of the houses like this when they were a home with Families.

In the South a lot of the homes have what they would call a Summer Kitchen and that is where they would cook and Bake in the Hot Months of Summer.

The story I heard about this House was that a Lady and her Children lived here and didn't have a way to heat it in the winter so she would go out and rip boards off the summer kitchen and burn them for heat for her Children.

It is really kind of sad when you think about the years before when they had enough money to feed their Children and keep them warm inn the winter.

Maybe they toiled all day picking Cotton in a field like this one

Now they use machines for everything..they no longer have to work picking cotton like their ancestors did.
Also makes me wonder what all some of the Beautiful old cotton Fabric that I have from the 1930's went through to get to be so pretty...I think it would be worth researching to find out.
So much for the old days when People were healthy and I think maybe even happier..What do you think?


Dani said...

Nancy..I just finished ready "A Painted House" by John Grisham..very interesting story of the south, cotton picking just like you posted about around the early 1950s. I will send it to you when I mail out the stuff for the craft show if you'd like to read it..it is a page turner for sure, set in Arkansas....don't worry, it was free, found it in a abandoned house...it has some violence, a street fight and a murder or two but only very slight bad language..I think you'd enjoy reading it.

nancy huggins said...

I would love to read it..after I get over the craft show :)
Thanks Dani

papel1 said...

I saw a copy of that book! I will have to read it.

Lynn S. said...

I've read A Painted House; i was very good.
Nancy, your blog is always interesting.....