Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This is just a few of the things I have finished and listed on my selling blog and for the craft shows..First one is Nov 7t and other one is the 21st

My Den has the whole left side stacked with boxes and suitcases ready for the craft shows. keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't rain

You can check out these items and more by clicking on the link to take you to my selling blog :)

Cute Pin Cushion with kitties..Just one of many Pin cushions
This is the most awesome Leaves you will see unless you live in Northern Wisconsin...and they are SOAP and come in 4 scents

This is one of my best sellers...Orange scented soap and will make your hands smell just like Oranges...You will want to take a Bath or give your Dog a Bath...it smells so good..Has tiny pieces of Loofah in it for a good abrasion

Yeah Cubs Fans..Get your own Chicago Cubs Shopping cart handle cover or buy one for a cubs fan..It will help fight the flu virus going around if you don't have to touch that NASTY shopping cart Handle..One of these and a bar of my soap..and a flu shot if they ever get any more made will definately help keep you from getting the nasty flu bug.

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