Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Sweet Lady

Some of you may have noticed the drastic change in my blog...Well it would not have happened if it weren't for a very Sweet lady name "Annie"...she has been a super patient Lady and also helped me with my new selling Blog ..Check her out on the list of cool links..Her name is ANNIE from Olde Annie Primitives... and don't forget to check out my new selling blog and web site with the links on the right.
I only have a few items listed in my selling blog because I am having problems getting the PP button to work.
Come back often and you will see more changes and also to sign up for my give away to celebrate my selling blog. I have quite a few items in my Web site but you have to buy through email and that isn't working either right now because it goes through Outlook Express and that won't work now either because it won't come through gmail. If you see anything in my web site you are interested in please leave a comment in this post.
I would be very pleased if all of you left a comment and let me know what you think about the new design on my blogs.
Thanks for visiting :)


Lynn S. said...

Nancy, I do love the new look of your blog. Yes, Annie, is a very sweet lady and very talented too.

Dani said...

very pretty, and so prim...I love it!

OldeAnniePrimitives said...'s was fun helping! So glad you're happy with it. Thank you for your sweet comments! ~~Annie

nancy huggins said...

Your a keeper Annie..and if your dear husband ever says different you can tell him I said YOU ARE A KEEPER :)

Penny @ Miss Pootsie's Primitives said...

Very nice Nancy!!! Very olde, and prim.
It looks like you've got a couple of PP buttons on your site.. are they working?
I learned that when you're offering free shipping or the shipping costs included in your price, you have to put 0.00 in the prompt for shipping when you're making your buttons. If you just leave it blank it goofs up. Hope that helps dear!

papel1 said...

I like the new look of your blog Hopefully you will have worked out your selling blog soon. Its hard to sell online. Well it will be off in the RV again in a few days.

Juri said...

I love your new look!!!

Debra said...

Wow Nancy! I love the new look! Hope you get your website problems ironed out soon!