Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Visitors fun in Alabama

Mom and Dad really do live on the Red Dirt Road...that is their mail box on the left side of the road....Did get to go jogging tonight and tomorrow it will be a trip to New Orleans...hopefully we will have a better time (especially with the weather) tomorrow

We got half way to the horse barn this morning and it started pouring rain half way there...well at least I got to brush this 30 year old big Pony

Mom told me not to leave my flip flops laying out...I didn't listen and this is what I found when I got up..can't ever wear them again..I left some photographs out to (even though Mom warned me) and one of the puppies ate a picture of a dog we had in the early 90's LOL

Went to the tiny little book store yesterday and bought some gourmet coffee..Wasn't like Starbucks like we thought..couldn't drink it at all

Went to Dads Aunt Gussies for dinner last night.she will be 91 on the 23rd of Sept and makes the best cornbread ever,,,and does not use a mix..she makes it from scratch...She had quite the spread on the table and made Moms favorite meat...cubed steak with gravy and HOME MADE biscuits...and for Dessert...Home made Pecan Pie and it was soooo good


Dani said...

Nelly, sounds like you are having a wonderful visit......the cornbread sounds of our favorites too...have fun!

Lynn S. said...

Sounds like a very nice family visit. Love the photo with Aunt Gussie.