Tuesday, September 8, 2009



I am going to take it easy today on my BD...My BD is really the 9th but don't tell Mom and Dad..I want my special treat now

Just take a look at what Mom and Dad let come and live with us...really little pests and now they are getting bigger

They are kind of cute and good watch dogs...they sure do eat a lot too...My favorite best friend is Sweet Little Annie..She has epilepsey and I have to kind of watch out for her some times

I'm wondering what kind of treat I will get for my BD...Maybe we can all have some of that sugar free ice cream I saw in the freezer....I don't mind sharing with Annie but I hope they leave the obnockious pups outside..they are 4 months old and already bigger than me so I just bark and growl at them a lot to let them know who is the boss...Annie and I get to sleep in bed with Mom and Dad...but these 2 get locked up in the bathroom at night on some nice blankets.

And here is Annie when she got in trouble for digging in the red dirt...good thing it just falls off of us American Eskimos


Lynn S. said...

cute dog story.

nancy huggins said...

It's true and she told me what to write since she isn't allowed to use the computer :)

Debra said...

Happy Birthday Bianca! She is so pretty Nancy! In fact they all look sweet!