Saturday, September 19, 2009

Something New

I went shopping last night to Wal Mart and couldn't wait to use my cover on the handle on the shopping cart..I saw a Mother pushing a Toddler in her cart and he had both hands on the handle and his mouth and it made me cringe..Every person that passed me hand their hands on the cart or their child was helping push it and I saw one lady put her fingers on her mouth (like you do sometimes when you are making a decision) and it was really grossing me out.
All I could think about as I pushed my cart around was how many GERMS and maybe a VIRUS that I was AVOIDING
I feel like I have done something now to try and help stop the spreading of Germs and maybe even keep someone or their Child from getting sick.
Did you know that is has been proven that there are more Germs on the cart handles than their are on a nasty toilet.
If you would like to help stop spreading germs then go to my selling blog (link is on this page) and order your handle cover now...and don't forget about the soap I am making that you can carry in your Purse...Pocket...Back Pack or whatever you carry when you go some where. I will be posting pictures of it in my blog soon.
I haven't had time to post any soap to sell because I have been so busy with orders of 1,125 soaps which I will be shipping the last of them on Monday.
So come back often and look for info about my soap. I will be running a special of some samples coming soon:)


papel1 said...

Your blog is really looking good with designs, color, pictures etc. Keep up the good work. I need to get active on mine. Maybe today.

ByLightOfMoon said...

I had no idea you live in Alabama now. I live in Alabaster just south of Birmingham so not far. This blog looks fabulous and what a fabulous idea about the cart handle covers. I think every baby should be in one as they DO have the hands on mouth all the time. Our grocery store Publix has wet handi wipes available when you get your cart to wipe down the handle but also to keep with me as I shop. I Love your idea and will check out your other site.
I love that you can sew and help us that can't. My husband has been sick with the crud for almost two weeks now, so we DO understand how inportant it is. I always carry the gel with me and use it often. But at home I have tried to use regular soap more ofter as they advise now and it smells si good.
I have not made a batch lately but I have some lavendar I got at a bazaar. SO good to catch up with you from Cora's blog. I will be back. Smiles, Cyndi