Sunday, September 6, 2009


The answer to the question about the pointed bucket is..It is the bucket they used to dip water from the well or a barrell and because of its shape it was easier to pull up filled with water than a flat bottom bucket was.
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I think I may have the pictures in reverse but if you look at them you will see how every time I got a little closer I could see more of what looked like a piece of farm machenry...That is what happened when like Jeff Foxworthy says you are a Red Neck if you mow the lawn and find a car...well this isn't a car but ya never know what will be next when Billy trys to make a path with riding mower to get closer to where Pecan Trees are so he can get some when they start falling.
I couldn't get any closer walking because I sure didn't want to wake up a snake...especially a Rattle Snake


Lynn S. said...

Nancy, did you figure out what piece of machinery it is? Neat pioneer doll, too.

nancy huggins said...

No..Don't know what it is and not walking in there to find out..I HATE snakes and I bet they don't like me either LOL