Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time for fun

Time for me to take a break and have a little fun. I am soooo tired of moving boxes around...trying to get orders done and Christmas presents made and no time to do anything for me. I am still limping around from when I fell off the ramp on the Uhaul moving the last load and then of course my fibro with back pain decides to kick in whenever it wants....well....tomorrow I am going to a friends house and we are going to make our lists of things we want to make for gifts and what we want to bake and maybe even might try making our own beef jerkey. Then we might just take a ride to pick up some of the supplies we need and do a little Christmas shopping to boot.
I did treat myself last night to a batch of Chocolate Cupcakes...I was so hungry for some Chocolate that I decided to bake. I still haven't found my elec beaters so had to beat the cake by hand and also made frosting from scratch just beating with a spoon. I couldn't wait for them to cool and as soon as they were...I ate 4 cupcakes LOL
And just to keep it fair I made a Pineapple upside down cake for dear Husband. I will try and update what all we will be making and maybe even post a few pics....soon
Have a fun day tomorrow and take time to smell the Roses.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Those cupcakes sound good! And so does the pineapple upside-down cake! I love those old-fashioned baked goods! As you can tell by my weight, LOL. Hope your sprains and pains get better soon and that you will soon be posting what-all you are making for Christmas!

Debra said...

Hi Nancy- hope you get to feeling better! That pineaple upside down cake reminds me of my MOM- she used to make them when I was young.
Hubby does not like pineapple so I have never made one- I sure love eating them though!

nancy huggins said...

Come and visit some time Deb and I will make one and you can have some and take some home :)

周杰倫Jay said...
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