Sunday, November 30, 2008


O K...You can have just "1" gift now
How did you know this is what I needed? early Christmas Gift "Ipod Charger and alarm clock" I wonder how they knew thats what I wanted

Nellie Loves little 7 week old "Brynn"

Say Cheese Nellie

The Happy New Parents "Adam and Nicole

New Dad Loves his Little Girl.......
2 Visitors for the Holidays...Nellie took the Train from Chicago on Tues evening...had the guest / Nellie room ready just in time. Had a very different TG dinner...5 Cheese Lasagna and oven baked Pork Chops with Parm Cheese Shake and Bake. Got to do a little shopping and Nellie got to see a few of her old friends and the Biggest Surprize was a visit from friend Adam that she has been friends with since High School. Boy how time flys...Nellie has her new life now in Chicago and Adam has a wife and new baby girl born 10/09/08 and they live in Wisconsin. It truly was a Holiday to have lots to be Thankful for and Christmas is just around the corner so guess I will be very busy right up until Christmas Morning. Nellie will be coming a few days ahead of time so we can also celebrate a special BD with her Dad.
Hope everyone had as special Thanksgiving as we did here :)

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

How wonderful to have visits from family and friends! Sounds like it was just so cozy and fun -- the lasagna & pork chops sound like a fun alternative to turkey, too!