Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another give away


I have a friend that has one of the most awesome blogs ever and also a big heart...when I read about her plea for help and what she is doing I decided to help any way I can.

I always try to do what I can when someone needs help no matter how small my amount of help. If 50 people did that just think about what a difference it would make :)

I will be offering one of my One of a Kind tote bags free in a drawing to anyone that buys what Deb is offering and your name will go in my drawing once for every time you buy $25,00 from her and she donates part of that to help this young man...PLUS..anyone that can't afford much can also make a $5.00 or more donation and their name will go in my drawing...This is a double whammie and your name can go in 2 drawings just because you found it in your heart to help

This is a young amn named Mike that lives in Rock Falls,IL

He is 36 years old and thankfully he does not have any children..and to add to it he got laid off when his job decided to down size.

This is the information I have received from be sure and check out her blog for more info

This is a special sale for a charitible cause. From now until November 23 any 50.00 or more order placed at will recieve a free 9 oz square mason jar candle or a free 6/pk of tarts- 20 % of all sales will go to a fund for a young man that has been laid off from work for 6 weeks - a few weeks ago his leg kept going numb and after a trip to the Emergecy room discovered he has a herniated disc in his back- he was referred to a specialist but the specialist will not see him because he does not have any medical insurance.
Hope fully this sale will help this young man in his time of desperate need.For more details you can also visit

all donations can be made through Paypal or you can mail a check or M O and info will be given in Pilgrems andPioneers blog

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

That is so good of you to try to help! You have a big heart! You are so right about each person trying to help others, as best they can. "If everyone lit just one ittle candle, what a bright world this would be!" Love your tote bags.