Sunday, November 30, 2008


This is Snuggles

I just posted yesterday so be sure and check out the post under this one. I am posting again today because I just saw this post in a friends Blog and it made a little tug on my heart.

As most of you that know me know that I LOVE my Dogs and couldn't sleep when Katrina hit and left so many dogs homeless. I ran my own campaign then with selling my crafts so I could make a donation. I would like you to read the post I just snagged from my friends blog and then tell me that no one could not afford a small donation for this Special little Puppy...I know I don't have a lot but am sure there is something I can do without so I can make a small donation...Please let the owner know when you donate that you saw this in Nancy's and Dani's blog. Thank you sooo much

Here is what her blog said

This is Snuggles...he is a Maltese and was severely injured by a child at his former home....He has had surgery on his hip and leg...had to have a pin put in and is now recovering. He is not ready for adoption yet as he has to be kept contained for at least 6 -10 weeks but they are taking applications. I went to the rescue and met Snuggles and he is a sweetie, very friendly and loves people. Maltese are nice little dogs and make great pets but are really not for young children.If you'd like to meet Snuggles or would like to donate for his care, please go to Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue


Linda said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments!! I really appreciate it!

SOunds like you had a very sweet Thanksgiving!!

Dani said...

Thanks so much for helping little Snuggles, Nancy...he is such a cutie..if we could, I'd take him home too...but our cats don't tolerate dogs...sigh...I do what I can for these sweet loving animals...appreciate your help

Debra said...

Oh Snuggles looks so sweet! Hope he recovers well! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving nancy!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Poor's wonderful to see you trying to help him. I will go on over and make a donation. Like you, I don't have much money, but most of us can spare a few dollars, especially for these vulnerable and loving animals.

Dani said...

please be sure when you make any donations to put Snuggles name down so the money will go for his vet bill.....please check my blog tomorrow..I visited the shelter today and have additional photos.

nancy huggins said...

I will be mailing a special little Doggie Bed for Snuggles to you Dani to take to the shelter.....I'm sure he will like it. I will put my donation in with the gift.