Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Here they are..Nellie and Scott. I now have bragging rights since they are both climbing the ladder at a fast speed.
Nellie decided that she could achieve her goals by moving to Chicago...she came back home and hung out for a few months and then officially called Chicago Home in April. She is still going to second City and has been in some shows..she is a writer for a few magazines and she also does Voice Overs. For her full time job she is a "Nanny" and does have some certificates for teaching young Children. Nellie Loves people and Cats and Mostly Loves Babies and little Kids (makes me wonder if being the youngest of 9 herself has anything to do with that)?
I know the sky is the limit for her now that she is living in Chicago. We don't get to see her very often but the computer and texting on the cell helps us keep in touch. I am still only a phone call away.
She hops on busses and trains and even the "L" as they call it in Chicago. Rides her bike to work and does a lot of walking...making her car a thing of the past.
Looking back I can remember taking her to Ballet Classes (that is her in the black outfit in the Ballet class picture)
Guess I have said enough about my one and only Daughter...just wanted you to know that your Dad and I are proud of you Nellie...we only fuss at you a lot because we Love you and we have that right.
And of course there is my son Scott (number 8 in the line up of son's) He was the youngest until he was 7 and Nellie came on board so we hung out a lot together because he was the last one still home all day. He was a cute little guy but kind of a bugger some times...did things all little boys do I guess. I watched him go through the good times and the hard times...He worked at Wal Mart..He worked for Cable company..he drove a school Bus..He did whatever it took to keep food on the table and take care of his Family. He is the Proud Dad of 1 Daughter who he has custody of and now they are good buddies too. I can still remember when he told me he got a job at a bank and had to go many days for training. He worked his way up the ladder at that bank as far as he could go there. He now has a job at another bank and is the Bank Manager and had to relocate to WI. That is taking on a lot and still having time to raise a 13 year old Daughter..have time for his friends and time for his Family (and that includs a lot of Brothers) and mostly has time for his Mom. I am very proud of his accomplishments and he is a good and loving Brother to Nellie (as you will see in the picture of the 2 of them on her Birthday in Feb this year) Keep up the good work Scott and Nellie...Dad and I are proud of both of you and your accomplishments.
I am proud of all my kids but I would have to write a book to talk about all of them at once. Nellie and Scott are venturing out into a new world and that is why I am posting about the 2 of them...the others will come at another time.
Love ya both


Elizabeth McQuern said...

Aw...I am also very proud of Nellie, although I didn't have the privilege of giving birth to her. I do feel very lucky to know her and I hope you know she talks about her mom and dad all the time.

P.S. I am also a big fan of Scott and Corissa. Corissa is one of our favorite Nellie-related houseguests, and there have been several. :)

papel1 said...

I am so glad you are back on your blog Nancy. I check my blogs most days and really enjoy doing mine. Thanks for sharing your photos. I must have been something having 8 boys and then a girl! Someday I would like to see some of your postcards.

Nellie Ann said...

=) Thanks, Mom. Nice to know someone is paying attention and saying lovely things. It doesn't hurt to have a great set of parents...


Scott Herron said...

Guess my response is mandatory on this one! LOL. I read this message about 5 minutes ago, managed to dry my eyes, and now feel compelled to respond.
I too am VERY proud of Nellie, she is following my "alterior dreams", not that they were never her own by all means!
All I can really say is that the success that Nellie and I lead and feel in our heart daily is due soley to our upbringing, for which we both attribute the credit to, of course, our parents.
I also want to add a personal note/feeling as well.., success is a state of mind, it is not money driven nor "status" driven. My success and my legend will be seen in the eyes of my little gem Corissa, and I feel and share it with her, my parents and all my supporting friends.
Also to those that choose to blame their perceived "lack of success" on their childhood, their parent(s) & mentors; they (he) will never feel real success and happiness in his heart because he refuses to let go, love, laugh, succeed emotionally and touch somebody else's life in a positive way. Don't make friends..., be a friend. Thank you Mom! Thank you Billy..., for being leaders, role models, parents and now the best part; friends. Love you both!

Lynn S. said...

I always enjoy reding your blog, Nancy. Today, though, was a particularly good one. Scott almost made me cry....