Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Whole Gang...Minus 2

And now for the rest of the story...Here are the rest of my Family all except for 2 Sons that couldn't make it to the Wedding last Sept....It was a Beautiful Wedding and kind of scarey when I look at these photos and think about what I created.
There is oldest son Dan (July 1960) he is married with 3 kids but only 2 of them made it to the wedding.. Dan has a College degree in Hydraulics engineering..

then there is Ron He is a licenced Electrician (Aug 1961) he is married with no kids but has 3 dogs that are the light of his life.

Then there is Jim and he drives all over the United States in a Big Rig. (Aug 1962)...he is married and has a son and Daughter and it was his Daughter that got married last Sept.

Then there is Troy (July 1965) and he worked for many years for Cable company until they had cut backs..he now does landscaping part time and is a stay at home Dad with 2 sons and his wife works days.

Then came TY (Oct 1966) He has been married a few times and moves around a lot and sometimes we don't even know where he lives.

Then is Mark (Feb 1969) and he has been a head custodian for many years at a Grade school. He is married and has 2 daughters.

Then there is Lonnie (Jan 1971) He is living in AL now and also drives over the road...He is married and has No children...and you already met Scott (Oct 1972) and Nellie (Feb 1980)

That just kind of fills in the blanks and maybe one day I will write more about each one but for now...I just wanted you to meet the rest of my Family and know what I was doing from 1960 to 1980 (and am still doing what I can...when I can :)

Just Billy and I now and our 2 Girls that shed White hair and are the new kids in the house...easier to spoil them and they never get allowance...never ask to use the car and never stay out to late :)
The first picture also has my "X" Mother in Law and Sister in Law way over on the far right...they are no longer related to me but are related to my sons.
The picture on the stairs going up..everyone is in order of birth LOL ....and don't forget...2 sons were missing..wouldn't be able to see them all if they all showed up.
Thank you for letting me introduce my family (and of course Billy is just to the left of the bride in the one picture with me behind him) Billy married me with 8 sons and Nellie was my Thank you to him for that.

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Dani said...

nice photos, Nancy,....we always wanted a large family but God had other plans...we are blessed with the two boys He gave us...didn't think it would happen for years and now they are growing up...its been quite a ride...