Friday, April 25, 2008


Well..I was able to get to the stores and find some great deals on items for my Garden. I found a great deal on top soil and mulch and loaded the back of the old 86 Ford Ranger.
First of all I decided to drive the new car that we bought in Feb and hadn't driven at all until today. I do NOT like driving or shopping anywhere in this town so I went to Belvidere to shop..Much better WalMart there. Picked up a few plants there and a few groceries and then decided to just check out the big sale at Farm and Fleet. I just started looking at the Plants there and the girl that worked there pointed to a semi in the parking lot that would be unloaded in about 30 min...I also noticed that they had the real nice top soil for .99 a bag and their mulch was on sale too. I knew there was no way I could put much in the new car so I drove it the 2 miles to where Billy was working and swapped vehicles with him..I took the truck and went back and got some real good deals. I even found the Bird bath that I really liked on sale and of course I couldn't pass that up.
Found a few other things I needed and went to the check out to pay for the soil and mulch and then pick it up outside (I even found a nice shirt for one son for a Christmas gift (yes..I do shop for Christmas all year..doesn't cost so much the week before Christmas that way).
As I was checking out we heard this loud noise and the man behind me said "That sounds like rain" and it was loud.
Sure enough.....I had to load the mulch and soil in the down pour. Got back to the Museum to swap back for the car and it hadn't rained there at all.
It rained all the way home and of course this was the first time I drove the new car and had to figure out how to turn the headlights and the wipers on...and then had the window open a tiny bit so the inside of the car wouldn't fog up.
I finally made it home and thought I would wait a bit for the rain to slack off to unload the stuff I had in the car....No such I got wet again. I just put all the plants I had bought right there by the back porch...enough is enough.
Was just about finished when Billy got home and told him to just back the truck in the driveway and the soil and mulch can just stay there until the rain stops...hopefully it will slack off tomorrow.
Now since they are calling for rain for the next 5 days I guess I will be spending more time sewing and start listing some items for the online Craft and gift sale that will start on May 14th.
And I hope I don't need to go back to the store for a while.
I just hope I can get a few things planted between the rain bursts so they can soak some of it up.


Dani said...

Don't float away, Nancy! That was quite a day.....hope it dries up soon so you can garden....what kind of bird bath did you get?

nancy huggins said...

Billy is putting my Bird bath together right now...I am trying to stay away from him...he is aggrivated with it and told me he will never put anything together again for me.
I am putting it in my little front Flower Bed and will post pics in my blog when he gets it put together.