Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Check out this sellers Beautiful Daylillies. I have received them from her before and they are the healthiest plant EVER....I check in a couple garden spots in the area and they are going for $10.00 each and up and look pretty pathetic. Tina has a nice variety of Lilies that she grows in her fiels. Can you just imagine having a bunch of these in the front of your your back the side of your driveway...just every where. Check out her ebay store I D is ladyfarmer29 and be sure to click on the catagory for plants and garden items. She also sells tractor parts...and yes...even tractors. So if you aren't in the market for a sure and check out her garden stuff. It is the best deal I have seen anywhere and you better believe there will be quite a few in my yard :)

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Lynn S. said...

Love the flowers -- colors are awesome.