Thursday, January 10, 2008


Here it is 2008 and I am still getting over Christmas.
It isn't that long until Valentines Day. Today is #7 sons B D and tomorrow is my sweet little Annies B D..Maybe I will make her a cake..I already bought the girls some sugar free ice cream...I don't want to rot their teeth with sugar (just like I did not like giving a lot of sugar to my kids when they were growing up)
What do you think the NEW YEAR has in store for you? I know there isn't much in store for me until it gets to at least 60 degrees and then stays there for a few months (11 months would be great)
Then it is work in the yard...maybe plant some seeds and a few potted flowers and make it look so wonderful that someone will want to buy it.
Still have a couple of bedrooms to paint and then a wall in the living room and the tiny little hall way.
Hopefully I can find enough to keep me busy until the Garage and Church Rummage sales start back up. Until them I will just keep listing my items and hand made crafts on ebay and help put money in Pierres pocket so he can afford to take a cruise or something.
Don't forget to check out my auctions and my web site with the links on here...You never know what you might find that you can't live without :) (and it is all sooooo reasonable too) and then if you would like to leave a comment at the bottom of my post please do so. I never know if anyone ever really reads my blogs because they are all afraid to leave a comment.
Well..tomorrow is another day of crafting and listing on ebay...such a dull life huh?
Happy Birthday Lonnie...and Happy 4th BD to my sweet little Annie!!!!!!!

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