Monday, December 31, 2007


Guess it is time for a new Post....It is getting hard to remember what day it is with the 2 Holidays within a week. We decided to take a ride to Belvidere and have our meds refilled at the WM Pharmacy and thought we might stop at the car dealer and check out a few cars...came out of W M and there was that white stuff coming down again....not to mention that it was getting foggy when we left. We did pull into the one car lot that we had seen a few vehicles that we liked and now the snow was really starting to come down. It was hard to even see the cars with all the snow on them from the 7+" we got a few days ago.
Decided that we better just head home and I am here to tell you that it was just a little scary...the little 2 wheel rear wheel drive 92 Toyota did not do well on the roads that were starting to get very slippery. It seemed like it took forever to get home and when we went to pull in the driveway the car just slid and went into the snowbank from the pile that the plow left last week.
The plans were to take the girls for a short ride around the block when we got home.
I apologized to them and gave them each a treat and let them out to run through the snow (they actually like it...but then they don't have to drive in it)
Had some time to do a little thinking on the way home and decided that I did NOT like riding on the slippery roads and if we lived in Belvidere we would have only had to drive 2 miles to get home.
Now...since we are spending at least $120.00 a month in gas for Billy to commute to Belvidere 4 days a week...not to mention driving on slippery roads ...that we actually can afford to buy the house we want that will raise the morg payments just a little over what it is costing now ($35.00 a month more in the long run) but there is also the advantage of being home in 10 or 15 min instead of 45 to 60 min driving now.
I guess there is something to be said for that. we continue to try and enjoy our retirement years and will try and get out of here...and yes we may have to kiss a few improvements good by that we have done here...We still have our hopes up and waiting for a phone call which I am expecting by Wed evening to see if we can work something out with the seller of the house in Belvidere.
To think that we missed having it by just 3 days is very depressing but there is still hope.
That is what will motivate me to finish painting the bedrooms...the hall and 1 wall in the living room and some touching up in the bathroom...I will be calling the realtor's in about 4 weeks to see if they think it will sell for what we need to get out of here.
The retirement plans just seem to stay on hold. Billy actually likes working and keeping busy ...even with his aches and pains from arthritis

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