Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Look who is now ruling this house

That is Anndarie playing with her toy mouse (and yes..she will KILL live ones) Then we have a new member to the House..he is the Grey one and has adopted me weather I like it or not...follows me everywhere and sleeps in the hall near the bathroom because he likes the warm air coming out. Then of course there are my girls...They think they own the whole house :)

Annie has epilepsey and hasn't had a seizure in over 4 months until Monday. It was a real bad one and we thought it would kill her this time. It is so sad to watch her when this happens. She gets soooo scared and doesn't understand what is happening.

Then there is Pickles and she has laid claim to the bed in the Guest room (and Yes..if you ever get a chance to sleep in our guest will more than likely have company) She is the sassy one of the bunch and likes to hiss and scare all other 4 legged pets.

So this is who I have for company all day and they do talk to me...and of course I answer them.

Fatty likes to come down here when I am on the computer and takes his paw and taps me..thinks I should pet him. He was not my cat when he moved in. He moved in with Nellie but I guess he just doesn't like it upstairs...Maybe it is too messy for him up there (LOL) or maybe it is to cold...or maybe he just decided to adopt me.

I have a drawer open in my craft supply dresser and I guess Anndarie thought it looked like a nice warm place to hide.

It is freezing cold here today and snowing again so guess the Pets all have the right idea..Find a place to stay warm and stay there :)

Sounds like a good idea today.

If you have time please feel free to post a comment so I know someone besides me has looked at this post :)


Daniv said...

I am so glad I stopped by your blog today and got to see your kitties as well as the have quite a family, Nancy....and I know how they keep you company. You know me and cats!

Glad Tidings Primitives & Folkart said...

LOVED the kitties, Nancy! Isn't it great how we love to talk to our fur babies??? They never argue or mouth off at you!!!!! I talk to Buster all day long. He does mouth off a bit, but will learn eventually that it doesn't get him anything!

Love your Pickles!!! I had a Pickles, too, and miss him so much!!! He was the sweetest cat I ever had.


nancy huggins said...

Nellie brought fatty home because her friends Mother was going to have him put down. He is so laid back it is pathetic. He was fatter when she got him and that is how I gave him that I am feeding him roast and chicken liver to fatten him back up a little. I got Pickles and Anndarie when we moved inside cornfields to keep mice out of the house. They are ferrel cats but good cats most of the time.
Anndarie actually got her name from what one of my GD called Nellie. Ashley was only 2 and I babysat her and she would go with me every day to pick Nellie up from school. I would look up at the sky and yell "We're coming Nellie Ann marie" and then she would look up and yell "We're coming Anndarie Nellie" LOL
One of my son's nicknamed Nellie "Pickles" when she was real little as she has always loved Pickles since she could chew. We would take her to a restaurant and she would ask for "Pickles"...since Nellie is such a lover of cats (and I do mean Cat Lover) I decided to name my kitties in her honor...couldn't come up with any names on my own. It was easier to name my kids than it was my Pets LOL

Nellie Ann said...

That's my cat!!