Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Happy Birthday Dad.
Your Birthday was always a reminder that Christmas was only a week away. Christmas always seemed so special when you were here. I remember you waking my kids up at 4 A M so they could open their gifts....you were worse than a kid.
I remember all the things we did together when I was growing up and even as an adult...you were always there to praise me no matter what my age and no matter what I did ......if it was writing a poem or growing a Garden.
You were the one that took me fishing and taught me how to fish and you even cleaned my fish and fried them.
I remember when I was 8 years old and I made you a pizza...I just used flour and water for the crust and catsup for the sauce and whatever cheese and spices I could find. I also remember that you ate it :)
I will always miss you Dad even though I know you are in a better place with NO Heart Problems.
I'm sure you are looking down and maybe even wishing you were here... and I'm sure you can see that Nellie is still kind of spoiled and I blame you for part of that.
You were the best Dad and Grandfather and will always be remembered for all the Happy times and the help you were when needed.....so I just want to say...
"Happy Birthday Dad"
Love Nancy Jean

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Jacqueline said...

Dear Daddy/Granda,
Today is your birthday. You would have been 78 today. It is the first birthday the world and I have had without you! Grama and Granda and Auntie Eileen get you this time. We miss you so much, Dad. The kids miss you so much. I think of you all the time. Thanks for being my dad!
Lots of hugs and kisses Dad!