Saturday, December 15, 2007


Today would have been my Mothers 88th B D...It does make me wonder why things happen like they do...There are tons of people a lot older than that and they are still living...They weren't as nice as my Mother and they are all probably some ones Mother.
I will always remember when I was growing up and having to look for a B D gift for my Mom and Christmas gifts for everyone. Sometimes I think she might have been cheated for having a B D so close to Christmas...of maybe sometimes she might have been lucky and got a bigger gift as a combination of her B D and Christmas.
I'm sure she is watching down as I prepare Christmas for all my family and Friends and maybe even remembering and smiling a little :)
Happy Birthday MOM...and Merry Christmas.....I know you are O K and enjoying spending Christmas with the Angels and your Mother and Father and other loved ones.

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