Monday, December 10, 2007


I wish it was better weather...just for one day so I could go shopping without freezing. We managed to go to 3 stores this afternoon and still only found 1/2 of what we were looking for. Is it me...or does it seem to just get harder every year to get the right gift (or at least try to) for everyone on your list.
Then I found out they were taking pictures with your pets and Santa at Pet Co..and I thought I missed it...but they will be back next Saturday from 11 A M until 4 P M.
So guess where the girls are going next Saturday. It should be a riot because I am wondering if Bianca will be afraid of Santa...not worried though about Annie..she will sit in any ones lap if she thinks she is going to get some attention LOL.
The funny thing with Bianca is...when she sees a camera--she turns her head. I guess she is afraid of cameras just like she is of the Cats that she barks her head off at. I will up date you after the fact and let you know how they behaved.
I got 75% of the gifts that we bought today all wrapped and they are under our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. It will be a bit crowded here on Christmas Day but we will manage...we always do.
I was only able to get 4 items listed in my ebay store but am planning to spend a lot of time listing on Tuesday...maybe I will have some luck with the store since I am not having much luck with the auctions. I don't know where I am going to put all this Christmas stuff that doesn't sell...unless of course we get the 5th ave house :)
Guess I better get to bed so I can get up early and give Billy a hair cut. It is either that or go to dollar store and buy him some barrettes.

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