Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I guess it is about time for an update...
I was finally able to get a few things accomplished today and last night. Have some new items in my web site...go check them out...I dare ya...I sold my Beautiful Clock with the Birds to Bobbi..a friend from the WI group I belong to.
I suppose all of you are busy tonight getting the Turkey ready to pop in the oven...We are not having doesn't make much sense to even cook a Turkey that weighs 8 oz. Nellie doesn't eat meat and Billy doesn't like Turkey. He will usually eat 1 piece just to be polite and thats it for him. I don't like it well enough to eat for a week LOL.
Well my hand made Christmas Stocking I made and listed on ebay just ended and not sold...guess it will go in the box that I want to take to the sale Dec 8th --if the roads aren't real bad. It is only a 2 hour sale but that is fine with me...People have to buy it or forget it...not much time to look around and come back. Will see how that goes. I have my Fingers crossed (and my toes).
I sure wish I would have put the spare bedroom down stairs and the computer and sewing machine in the spare room. Sure would make it easier on my back and hips. They hurt really bad most of the time and getting worse every day.
I think it would be to much trouble to do it now. Cable is hooked up down here for the phone...the computer and a T V...that would be to much to try and move and might be expensive if cable had to come back.
Be sure and check out my pictures and links at the bottom of the page when you come here. I do add pictures and also links once in a while.
For all of you that are dreading going Christmas shopping and the long lines and cold weather...just remember that you can just click on my auctions...or my web site and shop..and if you don't see what you are looking for, let me know, I might just have it or know where I can get it. You can also check out Coras blog( for a link to her auctions (I think) and Danis..Countrypatches.(Cora)..and chinalake auctions.(Dani)..They both make some really neat stuff that I don't make. So if you don't see something in my auctions...go check theirs out.
My Home made bread is just now coming out of the oven (Frozen dough...but so yummy)....I couldn't bake a bread stick in my room.
But tomorrow when all of you are slaving away making your Turkey...I will just be putting some really nice pork chops, and pork chop stuffing (something new I think) and my sweet potatoes in the oven. Boil some frozen green beans and open the can of cranberry sauce and wallah...dinner is ready.
I did have a little help from a friend name Sara with the pies I will be baking for dessert (Oh and her last name is "LEE".....she is such a good friend and helps me out fact, I have her pies in my oven right now.
Guess I better get back to sewing my hot pads...I want to list a ton of stuff this Monday for cyber Monday...lots of sellers (on the internet) have specials on that day and I don't want to miss out on any of the action.
Don't forget to leave a comment once in a while so I know that sitting here and typing forever was not in vain
I will be selling real soon in another web site...will update you when it is up and running.
TTFN (((((HUGS)))))

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