Friday, November 23, 2007


Thanksgiving is now officially over..It is 12:40 A M. I hope everyone had a nice Dinner and spent some time with family.
We had a good dinner...but NO Turkey....Honey do doesn't like Turkey and usually just eats a small piece of White meat just to be polite.
We had "Pork Chops"
I browned the Pork chops and then put them in the over with foil over the top. They were so tender that they fell off the bone. Also had some baked Sweet Potatoes...Green Beans.home made Bread...stuffing and cranberry sauce. It was sooo good and then my friend Sara helped me bake some pies...Cherry...Blueberry and a mince meat (her last name was LEE)
We got some stuff organized in the Pioneer bedroom upstairs so Nellie would have some room to bring her stuff over here.
I think Old Man Winter is finally here. Just a few weeks ago it was 70 degrees and seemed like it is in the 40's and low 30's.
I do not like winter and the only good thing about winter that I can think of is......all the mosquito's are gone and Christmas is almost here.
I am dreading going Christmas shopping this year, I am usually all done by now and this year I would only be able to fill the very bottom of a WM bag with what I have so far.
I don't have enough time right now to make many gifts....I am busy getting things made to sell.
I now have my second web site, but for some reason the link won't come through my email...maybe tomorrow.
Got a little bit of sewing tonight finished tonight and package taped up and ready to go out in the mail tomorrow.
Guess I better get to bed...Tylenol P M is starting to kick in. I didn't sleep real good last night...maybe I will do better tonight.
Till next time
P S don't forget to leave a comment when you have time so I will know that I am not the only one that read this :)

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