Friday, November 16, 2007


Nellie wrote an interesting blog last night and it got me to thinking...It was 1992 when I published my cook book of Famous Celebrities and it was a lot of work...but kind of fun. I wasn't doing as many crafty things then.
I donated part of the proceeds from selling my cook book plus the PR that I got from it inspired a few people to dig deep into their pockets (including the Jaycees)...and we were able to help a little boy in can read more about it in nellies Blog.
I talked to a lady at "Noahs Wish" today and she is sending me some more information on ways to help with the Dogs that got burned in the San Diego fires. There are still quite a few that need medical help and Nellie and I are both going to try and help.
If anyone would like to make a donation (tax deductable) and make out a check (even if it is only $1.00) and mail it to me...I will be forwarding it to them through our fundraiser. That way they will know that we are following through with our Campaigne.
I will post some Pictures and some information about what is going on there as soon as I get her information in the mail.
If there are any Dog or Cat lovers out there and you love your Pets...this is a good way to help others that love their Pets in their time of need.
I hate to think of how I would feel if one of my Girls got burned and I couldn't afford medical care for them.
I will also be donating some of my own money through my sales on web site shop....the shop I am selling some of my items in and also any sales I get from the sale on Dec 8th.
We think it would be great if we could send them an envelope full of checks and Money orders on Dec 18th so they will have a Merrier Christmas.
So when you click on my link for my shop (web site) or you check out my auctions just remember that anything you purchase from me will also be helping Noahs wish animal shelter.
I was able to get a few more items listed on ebay and in my shop and will continue listing daily as time be sure and check them often:)
Thank You for any help you decide to offer
go to the bottom of the page to click on my web site.

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