Friday, November 23, 2007


Well....Black Friday is over for another year and now the T V commercials will never end....they will be having sales everywhere for probably pretty close to the same as Black Friday. I just can't understand why thousands of people sit out in the cold all night to be at a store when they open to get something and take a chance on getting trampled.
Not for me.
I am getting geared up though for cyber Monday when all the people that don't like to go out in the mobs will stay home in front of their computer to shop.
I will offer a little bit of everything......I just listed some more items today plus I put a few more things in my web sites...yes I have 2 websites now. I plan to do a comparison and see which one does the best,,,,it is still cheaper than all the fees on sure and check out my auctions and my web sites with the links on here. You might be surprised and find something that is just what you were looking for.
Guess I better get off of here and start taking pictures for my listings on Monday.
Catch ya next time........................

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Daniv said...

Nancy, you got another web site? where is it, loved to see it...