Sunday, December 2, 2007

HURRY UP SPRING it is December and another year will soon be over. What does that really mean...that I am just that much older? Hopefully it will mean that 2008 will be a better year.
Sometimes I feel like just running away, but where would I go? Maybe to some remote place where there are no neighbors to bug sex offenders living on my street. Maybe some decent stores not far away and have to drive with crazy people to get to them.
I am not even in the mood for Christmas...thought about going and picking up a few things tomorrow...might even spend less since I am not in the mood.
I wish someone else would take the responsibility of putting the small tree up in the corner by the front door and maybe even put some lights outside on the bushes...maybe that would help my mood. The tree might even help block the draft that is blowing in and around the front door.
But then I guess I know that I will have to do what is expected of me and do the Christmas thing like my Grandmother always did for us when we were little. I wonder if she ever just wanted to forget the whole thing and lock the doors and not be bothered by company or dinner and all the rest of the festivities.
I always thought that the older you got the more you would enjoy things...Boy was I ever wrong about thinking that.
I used to look forward to Christmas from Dec 26 th until the next Christmas and planned my year around next Christmas and would pick up gifts all year long or be busy making gifts. I don't know what to make any more so I just don't make anything...I don't know what to buy that we can I don't buy anything. Where is Santa when I need his help.
Maybe if I can find a house that I want to hang the" Home Sweet Home" sign up in (like a friend mentioned) things wouldn't seem so bad, but until then I will just keep counting the days and going to bed every night and get up every morning and know that it will be over soon.
Another year of not knowing where everyone will sit...or where I can set plates and food out...but I guess I will just hang in there and do the best I can...only 3 more weeks....
Till next time.......

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