Thursday, September 6, 2007


Holy Moley...Here it is Sept 6th..where did the summer go. It seems like one day we were all sweating (or battling the rain) and now we can feel it in the air that Fall is on the way and of course it never lasts as long as Winter.
I am not looking forward to snow...the cold...and slippery roads.
I have been able to get a few more things unpacked...seems like I unpack for 15 minutes and then have to sit in the recliner or lay on the couch for an hour to help my back. It is very slow going. I remember having everything unpacked and put away in a week. Of course that was also when I wasn't loosing 1,500 SQ FT of space.
Scott is coming to set up a Garage sale and run it for me on OCT 5th and I am looking forward to that. Downsize and maybe have some $$$ to put in the bank.
I just found out from a neighbor yesterday that there are 4 registered sex offenders on our block. I found out because I asked her if we get a lot of Trick or Treaters on our block etc etc. She kind of explained it as....Be sure you have your outside light on...even if you run out of Treats....if you don't have your light on they will think you are a sex offender since they are not allowed to have their lights on.
I was just a little shocked to say the least. I guess I am just to naive.
I am also hoping the Dr I am going to on Monday can do something for the back pain and the cracked rib..The rib is a tiny bit better but the pain in my back is just not leaving.
For some reason it is a LOT worse in the morning and subsides a little by 5 P M (either that or I am just getting used to it)
Well..I have said all I can for now..Back to lay on the couch and watch H G T V..I sure am learning a lot :)

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