Tuesday, September 18, 2007


O K..so Monday is over but thought I would post before I go to bed.
Billy has all the fence up now except for the Gate and piece on each side of the gate. He worked all day for over 12 hours except to stop for lunch. I was able to get the last 4 Pioneer Dolls tagged---- and finished 17 Hanky dolls (what a job they are) Now if I can find the wire cutters I will make a few more Primitive hangers and finish a few other items and then hopefully get the Gourds cut for Bird houses. Still have to get the wedding gift finished and am not happy at all with new sewing machine.
Have tons of stuff to do tomorrow so guess I better march my little fannie to bed.
Till next time...
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cora said...

Sounds like you have really been busy, Nancy! Hope your show and wedding go really well! Are the girls happy with their fence????? Cora