Monday, August 20, 2007


Another day of rain and more rain. Now they change their mind about the forecast for next week end every hour on the news. I guess if I don't like what they say on one channel...I can just switch to another one.
Needless to say we are waiting another week to have the BIG Garage sale. I finally found a specialist (again) for back Dr and went this morning.
So far they took 16 X Rays and asked a bunch of questions about different positions with my arms and neck that cause pain. My B P was O K though...120 over 80. I wasn't really concerned but I figure if I have to pay for this exam...might as well get my moneys worth. I will be going back tomorrow to find out what they plan to do for me.
I only have 1 auction on ebay right is hard to sit and list auctions when it hurts to take a deep breath...My bill that I owe them from last month was only $1.50....needless to say I did not sell either of the 2 auctions I had listed last month. I am just getting very anxious to get rid of the stuff that is packed in bins waiting for good weather....then I can fill them again.
Was able to get to W M tonight and got some paint for our bedroom (it is called Otter brown) and is a medium color tan and even found some drapes for in there that i I just have to make up my mind if I want the drapes hung over the other curtains that I was making...or just go with the drapes.
Got a real light rust color paint for the bathroom and a nice lite blue for the guest room. We are pretty well set for enough paint to keep us busy for a while.
I am making a duvet cover in the guest room made from some Dick and Jane fabric I bought on ebay...who doesn't remember Dick and Jane? Nellie bought me 2 nice books with Dick and Jane so they will be displayed in there too.
Now I need to pull my sewing machine out and plug it in and see if it will work.
Guess that's all the news for now...Hope none of you are getting flooded from the rain..we were lucky..they were evacuating people on the other side of Rockford. We do have very wet ground and grass is growing fast.
Had to buy a new tire for the Toyota tonight too..makes me want to go and visit some car lots :)
Till next time :)

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