Monday, March 23, 2015


I know it has been a while since I poated and I apologize..Things have not been going good here and landlord here decided to put the house up for sale and we are desperately looking for a place to live...We need to be out by end of May...Beloit has not been very promising so we are searching other towns not to far (within 30 miles) and doing a lot of praying.
The city came and did inspection of this house and made LL fix a lot of things and he is ticked about having to spend the money so decided to list it and of course he could care less if we have a place to go. It does make me wonder if I can ever trust another LL.

We are looking in a town called Broadhead WI and second choice is Monroe,WI (which is the swiss cheese capitol in the US.)
I have talked to a realtor there and she is checking to see if anyone that has a house listed would be interested in renting or rent to own and have also talked to a newspaper editor and he will be coming some time within this next week to do an article about my soap and also mention that we would like to move to Broadhead. This is kind of like our last hope and just don't know where to go anymore. Have also been trying to sell more of my One Of A Kind soap to add money to moving account so if anyone would like some awesome gardening soap     

This soap is orange scented and testimonies I have received say it gets the grunge and dirt from gardening off their hands better than any other soap they have tried. It is pure glycerine soap and has pumice added to help get hands clean
I sell it for $6.00 for about 4 oz of soap + shipping
I was playing with making soap back in December and decided to make some soap (scented with buyers choice of scent from list I have) and put a picture of someone's Dog on a bar of my soap and sent it to her
She posted a picture of the soap in a Dog group on FB and sales started coming in..One lady just loves soap and ordered 25 bars with pictures of her Dogs and Horses

That is just part of her order..I contacted a Dog kennel and she ordered 18 soap and then another Dog rescue group bought 18 bars for auction she is having in April
I charge $6.50 + shipping for a bar of photo soap with a picture you email to me and I print it and make you favorite scent of soap with your favorite photo, I have a list of scents to choose from.
Don't forget about Mothers Day and a hand made bar of soap for Mom with a nice photo of maybe her Grandkids or maybe she has a fur baby she loves.

Here are just a few more soaps I have sold and they have a Pansey silk flower inside

One customer Loves Butterflys so came up with this for her

The flower soaps sell for $5.00 and Butterfly one is $6.00 + shipping
If there is something special you would like just let me know and I will do my best to make it for you
Please place orders soon so you can get your soap in pleanty of time for a special Mom and also make some nice bars of soap with special scents for Dad I will accept PP as a gift or MO and soap has to be paid for in advance for special orders.
I also donate a portion of each sale to help a pet in need.
Please keep us in your prayers that we find something soon. We will need to pay to rent a U Haul and also help to load and unload our belongings. We are in our 70's now and just to hard for us to do it ourself again.
For some reason sometimes comments go in my spam but I will check often for comments from my blogger friends..You can also email me through here...
Hope to hear from you soon and maybe I can come back and blog again soon with some good news

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Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Nancy ~ praying for you and hope everything works out. Congrats on your newest soap adventure.