Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Still unpacking and trying to find a place to put stuff. Every room and every closet is full and I hate to put any more stuff in the garage because of mice and moisture.
I am having a special sale for my blogger friends in my other blog so be sure and check it out...There is still time to have your item's arrive in time for Christmas. You can go to my Huggins Haven blog to check it out am also going to be selling a lot of my fabric so if anyone needs anything please email me and let me know what color or maybe a theme that you are looking for and I will see if I have it. It would take me forever to list it all. I am more anxious this year to see spring than I ever have been in my entire life.
Found another bummer LL and things are not good. I told Billy if we are going to have te replace a stove and fix a furnace and not have hook up for washing machine we might as well just go ahead and buy a place. We sold our house in 2009 and thought it would be better to retire and just rent and have someone else worry about repairs...well that is not happening.The 2 best LL there ever was have both passed away (one last Nov and one this past Jan) so I give up. I just can not believe how money hungry and won't fix things LL there are out there now.
 I have been looking at Mobile Homes and Billy says he wants to live on at least 3 acres. That is crazy..just more lawn to mow and higher taxes. Living in a trailer park (and they will allow all my dogs and let me put up a fence here in WI) will not be any different than living in a subdivision like we are now. We have a nice neighbor next door (only one I have met so far) and that is what matters to me. If you have nice neighbors it makes life a lot easier and not so lonesome. 
I finally found a Church I want to go to and they have services on Sat evenings at 5 P M. That is better for me since I wake up most mornings with back pain but is usually a lot better in late afternoon.Having lost over 30 # and not able to gain it back so I did have to get a few new items to wear to Church :)
Dogs are doing fine but I know they would love to have a fenced in area to run and play in so that is also a must this spring. Moving costs money so I will be having a lot of sales which will also cut down on TO MUCH STUFF. It is to cold now in WI to think about moving so that will also give me some time to save up
Lola and her kitty (Sassy) have adjusted well to being inside cats and I think Lola especially is thankful to have a warm house and Mom and Dad's bed or the couch to lay on
 Poor Maggie and Calli just want to go out and run in the yard..Pretty soon girls..To cold to stay out and play now...4 or 5 months and things will be better.
And don't forget to check out my Pet items blog  I will give 20% off all items for pets if you leave a comment in here and let me know what items you would like. Thanks everyone for sticking with me through all my problems and moves...Maybe I will work on a few gifts tonight that I am making and get some items boxed up to ship tomorrow or Friday.
Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you think my idea of buying a Mobil Home is a good idea..Wont be moving that far...maybe 10 or 12 miles :)


Primitive Stars said...

Evening, i think it would be fine the Mobil Home....Glad you found a church to go to near the pictures of the animals, Blessings Francine.

nancy huggins said...

Thank you for your comment Francine..always helps to get opinions from friends and makes my day a little better :)

Carmen C. said...

I can't believe the horrible luck you have had with LL,we bought a mobile home when my son was a baby and had it in a park, then eventually moved it to land we bought, it's a great way to own and be cost effective:) Needless to say we ended up selling it due to the muddy steep driveway I couldn't get out of in the winter & spring, lol!