Sunday, November 10, 2013


We are here and still unpacking mostly because I am going through a lot of stuff and will be listing on ebay and Craigs list. Have a lot of fabric and some craft supplies and even some things that need to be finished that I hope to get listed soon.
Starting to get cold so we are working as fast as we can with sorting stuff and finding room in garage to store stuff and have stuff near the front of garage to sell when we have someone that saw it on Craigs list and wants to see it.

I met the neighbor next door and she knows where all the grocery stores are and whan they have sales so will be tagging along with her sometimes. She also likes to shop at the Goodwill store and I have got some pretty good deals there in the past and sold items on ebay and made a few bucks.
The kitten and the Mom that we rescued from last house came with of course and they are doing great. The Mom was an inside/ outside cat at the farm country house but keeping her in here. She would be lost quick and I am afraid would get run over. She looks out the window a lot and I think she knows there are no corn fields and cows here and she doesn't try to get out much anymore. When she does go by the door and trys to sneak out I just spray her with water bottle and she hates it but it doesn't hurt her. She has gained a lot of weight which is a good thing since we could see her backbone and ribs when we found her. When they went to do the surgery to spay her they said she was about a month pregnant. Poor little cat just having litter after litter her whole life and then the kittens would die because she was pregnant agin before she could train them to hunt for food to survive. Her 1 kitten that we kept and named Sassy is growing fast and is very amusing to watch.
Now if we could get some more fence up to keep the dogs in yard so they could run and get some exersize that would be great and maybe they could loose a few pounds.
I havent taken any pics of inside of house yet but will soon when we get done unpacking and hanging pictures and stuff. Having a hard time deciding what to hang since this house is a lot smaller and not as much room as we have had in the past. I will start listing on ebay soon and will have a link on here so be sure and come back often to check it out.
This is Lola the day we came to look at house in the country
This is Lola and Sassy after they were both fixed...They are still very close and play a lot and stay close to each other :)


Karen said...

What a happy story for Lola and sure are a great person to take on yet another animal.
Glad the move is going well.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Glad to hear your starting to settle in and the critters are adjusting.
Prim Blessings

nancy huggins said...

Thanks for the well wishes Ladies..It is snowing here now and I am already thinking spring...I am not a winter person but will have a long time to unpack more stuff and sort it during the winter. Just not in as big of a hurry now that I have most of it done

Firecracker Kid said...

Hi there :) How wonderful you'll have someone to show you the ropes around town. So kind of the lady.
Your kitties look so good and healthy. You're a good mommy. I look forward to seeing what you list on ebay.