Thursday, May 2, 2013

Still Looking

Still Looking for a home for us and furbabies. So many things happening and so many things going wrong that I am not even going to take the time to write about it.
On the up side...Nellie came and spent a few nights with us and we went to Conservation area and then out to lunch. Here are a few pictures of some of the Beautiful things we saw
 Nellie and Billy at Conservation
 Look at how different this plant is
 This is the week end they were releasing the Butterflys
 Looked better in person...Beautiful Colors
 I am always amazed watching Koi
 Sugar cane
 I made her pose with the Frog :)
 Love the colors in this arrangement
Then lunch at Culvers
 Sugar cane (I guess the Butterflys enjoy it)
 Hey Maggie..should I change the channel
 Ya..I like Animal planet better too
 Not a very exciting 4th Birthday
 Don't worry Bianca..I will find you a home with a yard soon
Only 1 seizure in a week and used to have 1 a day. Glad Mom and Dad took us all to the vet

It has been a very long 7 weeks for all of us in this tiny apartment and Dogs are being very good (except for barking when someone goes by our door or windows) and cats are doing a good job of keeping mice population down but we will all be a lot happier when we find a bigger place. Just hard to find a place with 4 dogs but we just keep praying and riding all over and checking newspapers maybe soon. Maybe it won't be so long until I post again and maybe will have better news:)


Carmen C. said...

Hang in there Nancy, it will come, sending many thoughts and prayers your way! Love the butterflies:)

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, love the pictures, beautiful butterflies.....Good luck on the house hunting, Hugs Francine.

papel1 said...

You and furbabies may be a little cramped now but hopefully have more room soon. Your photos of Nellie and arboretum are very nice.

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Oh Nancy, catching up here. It's been a rough road for so many of us this year, hasn't it? YIKES, hugs and hang in there! OLM

Karen said...

Hi Nancy,
Oh I had hoped by now you would have a lead on something positive.
I am praying for you.