Friday, April 5, 2013

we made it

It has been a real ride but we made here the 24th but just now got my computer up and running. I could write a book about this move. I will post again as soon as i get refill for my pain pills..a better chair to sit on and a desk lamp so I can see.
Just wanted to let everyone know we are here.
I will NEVER rent another truck from Budget truck rental. not nice to deal with..Trucks are junk (even the heater blows out cold air) and they hit my bank account on 27th (3 days after we returned the trucks) for $104.55..I disputed it and my bank got it back
Will post again as soon as I can


Primitive Stars said...

Morning, hope you will be back feeling better, Francine.

annie said...

Thank God! Hoping for the best that is to come! Blessings!

Loretta Thomas said...

Hi Loretta...back again. Stopping by to say hello. I guess both of us have been away! Will watch for you! XO