Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm getting there 1 day at a time

I have been listing as often as I can and it is helping my moving fund. Now all I need to do is find a house so that is my goal starting tomorrow.
I am planning on having a moving sale Feb 22nd (weather permitting) and maybe by then I will have some places lined up to go up North and check out.
I am requesting prayers from my blogger friends that I will find a home for us and our fur babies.
They know something is going on and are sticking very close to my side lately. I do worry a lot about Maggie and Calli taking off and getting hit by a car. I wish I could find some information that actually worked to teach them not to take off. I have had people tell me that is the nature of Labs but since they are not full blooded labs I was hoping for them to learn to not run off...maybe they are actually 90% Lab and not 50%.
This is Calli when she was just 3 months old climbing the fence
I had one lady tell me that her Lab quit running when she was 4 years old. Well...Maggie and Calli will be 4 this April on the 21st

And this is how determinded she was..but I was there to grab her and put her back in the fence. I know a lot of you have been my blogger friends and have heard a ton of stories about my Labs :)
This is how they look now..they look so sweet and innocent don't they

They are grown up big girls now but I still refere to them as "My Pups"
and then of course there is Bianca and Annie and they are both 9 years old

Annie is on the left and has seizures (They said it is Epilepsy) and we have her on herb suppliments but they don't help her much anymore so will be checking out a new one I just found out about
Then we have what we call our "Mousers" and they do a very good job. I never really was a cat person until I got Pickles and Anndarie (they are also 9 and are farel cats)

Anndarie likes to find places to curl up and hide a lot

Pickls like to get in baskets or lay right in the middle of the floor and if another cat or dog walks near her...she will smack them with her claws

This is our new addittion that my Daughter brought here for Nana and Papa. Lucky likes a LOT of attention and Papa has more time to spend with Lucky that Nellie had.
This is who we need a new home for..not just us..Our furbabies mean a lot to us and they go with wherever we go.
So I have a real Challenge to find a new home but I do believe the Lord will help me find the right place..and soon.
If you would like to take a peek at my auctions just click on the link on the right sidebar. You never know what I will have up for auction that you will want :)
Thank all of you that have been praying for me (especially Dani) I do believe your prayers will help.
I love to read your comments so if you have a minute please don't hesitate to leave one:)


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Nancy, I haven't commented much, but I've stopped by now and then, and I think of you often as you plan to move, and I just really pray you will find the perfect place to settle into. It's miserable when you are not happy where you are, and you deserve that. I can't give you much encouragement about the Lab thing. Buster is now almost 6 years old, and I don't trust him one bit to be loose. He follows his nose and doesn't even hear me call or yell. In my favor, though, he still has that phobia of being left out alone, so if he senses I'm going inside, he runs for the door. Your labs grew up to be beautiful, Nancy. They are so lucky to have found a home in your heart!!!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

I will pray for all of you, fur babies included. I know you will find some nice place.. and I hope it's soon. Sending hugs! -Tammy p.s. I know I give my dogs too many treats, but when they hear that treat bag, they come running! I always wondered if a dog whistle would work also...

Patty Sumner said...

Nancy I will be praying for you and all your fur babies..We have a choc Lab..I do not think he is full stock but he has never tried to get away.. Of course, he has always been in the I know you will find something perfect for you and little family. Continue to trust the Lord...It will happen. Blessings!

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Nancy, sending prayers for all of you my friend, fur babies them all....Hugs Francine.

annie said...

hoping all will go well for you!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Moving is always a hard thing to do, especially when you have pets. Prayers for you and your fur babies. I am sure the Lord will lead you to the perfect place!