Thursday, August 16, 2012


It has been a rocky road for a while and I am sure a lot of you out there have had your share also. Back pain is a little better and keeping fingers crossed that it will stay in shape for the big craft show on 24th thru 26th at Pioneer Days in Cowden,IL
I have been working on sorting and pricing and packing up a lot of things and hoping for a good week end.
Mean time Billy has been working in the yard and also working on the old garage that he thought would be cool to paint and decorate. It will take a while since we are still looking for things to display. This is what he has done so far
 This is the front of the old garage and faces North..not quite finished and have to figure out what to do about the fiberglass door and adding more to the top above the door
 This is facing west and he has done some more and  I will post pictures soon
 Side facing west close up near the front
 Side facing west at the back and he is putting shelves between the shutters for me to put stuff on.
 This is the side that faces East and is finished with painting and have a rose bush at each end and a few other things added and will show in next picture
This is how the garage looked before he started painting and before the tree they cut down was moved out of the way. Billy did saw some slices of the logs for me to use on patio I am making out in front. Nothing but DUST and DIRT out there now.

Our old Microwave (2 1/2 yrs old) quit so we went to buy a new one today at WM. They were mostly out of stock so we took the floor model and plugged it in at 4 P M and now about an hour ago (11 P M) it started flashing and kept beeping. So back to WM again tomorrow (25 mile round trip) and see if we can find another one that will work.
I knew I should have not listened to all the people that told me to get rid of my 20 year old microwave that was still working just because it looked old. BIG BIG mistake. When will I learn to quit listening to others and just do what I think is best.
Having a little better weather for the last week and I think all the flowers and bushes that I bought and planted in May and June will survive after all. Not the best looking right now but if we keep getting a little rain every few days it will help.
Still lots of work to do in the yard and on the old garage but if the weather stays a little cooler that will help plus maybe my back pain will stay away now.


Carmen C. said...

I just love your garage Nancy, so cute how you have it decorated:) I hear you on the old appliances, the stuff they made nowadays is SO cheap and disposable, such a shame!!! Hope you enjoy the day!

Cat Haven Craft House said...

The garage is wonderful Billy did a grand job! Hope you well for your sale!

Dog Trot Farm said...

First let me say I hope your back pain is easing up, there is nothing worse than living with pain, some people just do not understand how debilitating it is, but I do. Wonderful garage, I love it, Billy did a wonderful job. Walmart, it serves it purpose, I do shop there, but always try to buy American. Use it up, wear it out, or make do. Good luck with the return. Hugs, Julie.

SweetPepperRose said...

Billy did a very nice job on the garage - love the Red! Hope the back pain stays away, and wishes for a great success in IL. wish I lived closer!