Tuesday, August 28, 2012

huggins haven little red shed...1 day at a time

This is not how the pictures were supposed to turn out..They are back words...Sorry about that

This is a close up of the jars I hung on the shutters on the East side of Shed. I used an OLD big metal spoon and Billy screwed it to the shutters (1 on each side) I have silk flower leaves inside jar and then covered the lid and took rusty wire and wound around it and made a hanger
The jar on the other shutter..same as one on the right.

 This is the East side of the shed at the North (front) end
 This is the East side and is the South (back) end
 This is an OLD drop leaf table that I painted green years ago and more will be added soon
 This is the left side taken from about 30 ft away
 We just bought the Flag from the craft show last week end and I will be painting a sign to put under it that says "God Bless America" sign will be a white board with black letters.
 Still need to make the door look like an old barn door with hinges and will work on that as soon as I find some supplies. I know how I want to do it..just need to get the items I need to finish it. Can't paint it since it is fiberglass and do not want to pay the high price they want for sealer etc etc
 This is how the west side looked before we started...pretty bland huh?
 This is the HUGE 76 year old tree that was right in front of the garage on the right side
This is what was laying on the ground after they cut  it down on the East side
This is how the west side looks right now...It is still a work in progress..It is the south (back) end
This is the west side at the North end. We are kind of trying to make each side with a theme and each area with a theme. I will take more close up's and post them as we are able to finish each area. It is really hard to find this old JUNK that isn't use able any more.
So far (not counting the paint) I am sure we don't have more than $25.00 invested a little at a time :)
I will be having a give away in my blog real soon so stay tuned.

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Dani said...

love the barn and how its coming along..the flag is really cool and I especially like your little mason jars...cute idea!