Sunday, July 22, 2012


Not a whole lot has changed as far as the tests. I am still having a hard time taking a deep breath ever since the stress test on the 5th. Drove 90 miles to Springfield last Thursday for what ended up to be a bigger ordeal than I expected.
Had 3 tubes going in my left hand..1 for fluids...1 for pain and 1 so I couldn't feel them putting the dye in my heart. They also had oxygen tube in my nose. They tried at least 8 times to get needle into artery in my right wrist without any luck (I know because I can see at least that many marks where they tried)  They had to go through artery in my groin and when they got done with the dye they had to take pictures of my heart. They wheeled me back into my room and nurse had to hold pressure on the opening where they put the needle for 20 minutes. She thought it was O K and when she took the pressure off I started bleeding so she pulled the emergency cord and was trying to stop the bleeding with towels and even my blanket. Another nurse came in and she told her she needed her help so she took over. Then she said it would be O K to call Billy back in but she told her to remove the blankets and towels with the blood on them first. Then the second nurse held pressure on it for about 30 minutes. I had to lay flat and not raise my legs for another 2 hours. I was getting a little aggravated when they kept telling me it would be another hour.
They finally let me leave and I couldn't wait to get home to my poor dogs that were in a crate for 11 hours. There were restrictions and I can't soak in the tub or take a bath until next Sat (which I do almost every night to help with the fibro back pain)
Then Friday we went to pick up the meds that heart Dr called in and I freaked out when I read the side effects and that they were dangerous for people over 65.
Now I am still having trouble breathing and chest hurts some and they said I have 50% blockage in 2 arteries and 40% in another one...stents won't help.
Tomorrow I will be looking for another Dr in bigger town about 17 miles from here..I want a second opinion. Until then I will just keep praying that nothing bad happens.

I am trying to stay as busy as I can and keep my mind occupied so Billy started painting our 1 car garage that we just use for storing yard stuff in. He is painting  it Barn Red and we want to hang old things on the front and down 1 side. I am hoping that I can paint the door to look like a barn door and even paint what looks like hinges. If anyone has any ideas or pictures of something like that I would appreciate hearing about them and seeing pictures. I am looking for pictures of Barn doors to get ideas on painting Garage door to look like a barn. He is planning on painting down the side also and that is where we will hang stuff and maybe make a bench and plant some hollyhocks (next spring) at the one end.
I have also been going through a lot of things I have had for a while that haven't sold and marking them down to make room for new things. I just listed some items again on ebay (most were re lists so didn't take to long) so take a peek if you have a minute and of course I still have quite a few cook books left to sell (and the huge bill at the print shop)
So until next time please say a prayer for me that I get some answers from another Doctor so I at least know more about what is going on. I will not agree to any more tests without some answers


Carmen C. said...

Nancy, you've been in my thoughts and prayers, I hope they get you feeling better soon! I just HATE hospitals, and the way they piddle around like folks have all the time in the world to lay there waiting, UGH! I also have to soak in a hot bath every evening for my back pain and it does help some:) hang in there and know alot of us are sending love and prayers your way (((HUGS)))

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Lifting you up in prayers today.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Just catching up and reading and so sorry to find that you are having so much trouble. Just know that I am lifting you up in prayer. Take good care of yourself!

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I am so sorry you are going through such an ordeal. I really hope you get some answers when you go to another Dr. You will be in my prayers.

and take care

ByLightOfMoon said...

I do pray you find what is wrong soon and easy to correct I do hope! The paint job looks nice. I have never grown hollyhocks but they sure are beautiful!

Many thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving me a nice comment!
Smiles, Cyndi
Smiles, Cyndi

annie said...

So sorry to read of all your difficulties. praying you get the medical help you need.