Thursday, May 3, 2012


Thank you for visiting my Blog in my time of needing help. As a lot of you know I went to a fund raiser for the Pet Shelter near here.They had a Dinner and a silent auction and they told me to bring my cook books to sell and then of course they would also get a portion of the proceeds from that. I asked them how many cook books they think I should bring and they said they always have about 200 people show up at their fund raiser so bring 50. My gut told me to bring 10  and then take orders if I ran out but I thought they might know more about what would sell than I did.
I went to the printer and he suggested that I do both sides of the paper and go with the bright green for the cover since I was out of the Peach card I did. My bill came to $535.00..not cheap but cheaper  and quicker that trying to print them myself. He did punch the holes in them for me but I still had to put them all together. After I had done 33 of them I found a few errors he made so back I went. Now I had to take the 33 I had together all apart and do them over which means I actually had to put 83 together to get the 50.
I also went and had my hair done ($13.00) and I almost never have my hair done at Beauty shop. Then I bought dinner for Billy and I since we were sitting there and of course we got hungry. I also purchased a few things from their silent auction to help them out so in addition to the printer bill I also spent another $65.00 and of course I didn't mind because I thought for sure I would sell most of the cook books.
I now need help in spreading the word to see if I can at least sell enough to pay the printer and make a donation to the shelter. I did call the newspaper about putting an ad in there but they wanted $36.00  and I just don't have any more cash to spend. If any of you could post about it in your Blog or on FB or twitter I would be very grateful. I can email anyone any pictures or information if they need it. I was told by 2 other authors that this cook book is very collectible and there is not another one like it anywhere.
A special thanks to all of you that did purchase 1 and some bought 2...It did allow me to donate to a few places so far.
Here is a picture of the newer edition for you to see. I do have more info in other posts and also in my selling blog and I have made and listed some OOAK items on ebay for dogs and kitties if you would like to check them out..There is a link on my right side bar to go to my auctions and they end on May 6th. There is still time to get cook books in time for Mothers day but you may have to pay a few dollars more to ship by priority mail.
Some have a white binder and I think 13 have a black binder. You can choose the one you would like until I run out of the Black Binders.
Thanks again for reading this long post :)


Country Gal said...

I will do all I can to help by telling all on my blog I can do a post for you and link it back to you , see if that helps! sorry dont do facebook or twitter . I think it sucks that no one bought the cook book at the banquet . I will do my best ! Have a good day !

prims by olde lady morgan said...


I am a bad friend! I have been meaning to post this on my blog for you.... I am sorry, I will do it this weekend before I leave to visit the "queen".. OLM

nancy huggins said...

Thank you ladies. This is starting to really bother me since the fund raiser was April 21st. I appreciate your help :)