Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This is how Maggie looks all day up on the couch looking out the window wanting to go out and play...I just feel soooo bad for her
I am having what I call an emergency sale for my own Dogs this time around. I have done many fund raisers for others and some won't even help me promote my cook book to help them (including the shelter here that I went $535.00 in debt to pay for the 50 cook books they requested me to bring to their fund raiser which I sold NO cook books at.) . I am donating to shelters and then writing post dated checks to the vet for my dog's....I don't feel appreciated much for all my efforts and now I just think it is time to take care of my Dog's. I have $200.00 saved up (from Mothers day gifts and selling a lot of stuff) towards a fence for my Dog's. The vet said they need to get exercise  because of gaining weight and it could affect their hips and heart. They can not get exercise on a 30 ft chain.  Maggie broke the chain AGAIN and is gone. I am worried sick since a piece of the chain is still hooked to her collar and that means she could get hooked on a tree and there are coyotes out in the woods. It is pitch black out where we are and impossible to see a black dog. I am offering my cook books for sale for $20.00 and free shipping and tomorrow I will be posting some other items in my selling blog and on ebay. This is making me nuts and my Dog's are pretty much my whole world right now. If anyone is interested in a purchase please email me through my selling blog. Maggie just came back and was dragging the chain. She will not go out again on a chain...I will put her on a leash to go out and use the bathroom and that is even less exercise until I can get a 6 ft fence up. If you have any questions you can email me through my selling blog. Thank you for taking the time to read this long post

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