Sunday, March 18, 2012


Another yummy recipe that I tried today...It is for Pumpkin Bread and pretty simple to make. We picked a few Pumpkins from Neighbors garden last fall and I cooked them (steamed them) and then put in zip lock bags and put in the freezer.
This of course is another recipe that is in my Famous Celebrities cook book. Now you can take another guess and whoever gets the most correct at the end of the month will receive a hand made giftie from me.
Is it....................
Judi Ford (Nash) Miss America 1969
Betty White
or Joan Van Ark
This is how I ate my Pumpkin Bread..I buttered it while it was still can also be warmed up in the microwave or maybe even put it in the toaster (Maybe I will try that with my next slice) I will of course be sharing some with the neighbor who's Garden I got the Pumpkins from.

I got a nice package in the mail yesterday from the reporter that wrote the article about my Cook Book. It had 2 copies of the newspaper that the article was for me and one for Nellie
There was also a nice letter from her thanking me for letting her write the story about the cook book and getting a close up look at what all was in it. I saw a paper clip on the top of the note and turned it over and there was a ck from her for her own cook book. She also said that she was very impressed with my cook book and how I have done it all MY way :)
Just leave a guess in your comments and there is still time to be 1 of the first 32 customers that order and pay for their copy. I have one customer that paid for 2 cook books so of course she will be getting 2 gifties.
I am still working on the stack of cook books that need the holes punched to put them on the binders and then April 2nd I will be mailing out the books to those of you that already paid. Hopefully I will get 1 or 2 more recipes by then. So far there are 60 celebrities and a total of 85 recipes.
Thank you for visiting my blog and for taking a guess and also your comments :)
Just had to add this..Billy also saw it on the news ..check it out


Patty Sumner said...

Congrats on the cookbook. I know you have put much work into it. My guess is for Judy Ford-Ms America 1969. Blessings!

Country Gal said...

yes congrats on your cookbook ! Bread looks and sounds yummy ! Have a great day !

Dani said...

I am guessing Joan Van Ark....but don't put me down for any gifts..this is just for fun....