Thursday, February 2, 2012


This is a very cute story...My Granddaughter Amanda was not born in the Hospital..she was born in the back of her Dad's (my son) Van. The top picture is my son and his wife holding her in the Hospital and the bottom picture is me holding her. You should be able to read about it in the newspaper article below. Now when she forgets to shut the door and my son asks her if she was Born in A Barn...She just reminds him "No Dad...I was born in the back of a Van. If for some reason you can't read the article below I will edit this post and print what it says.Amanda was born on August 17th 1984After Dan delivered Amanda he continued on to the Hospital and pulled in emergency lot and when they asked him if he needed help he just said "Can you please help me get my wife and daughter that I just delivered out of the Van and into the Hospital". Physicians at the hospital were kidding him about pursuing their positions. Amanda is now planning to get Married on Aug 11th and has also gone through Nurses training and is also continuing her degree with courses on line. She works at a nursing home and enjoys her job. Maybe being born in the back of the Van helped her achieve a good life.
I still have this news article from many years ago..time sure does fly as we get older doesn't it
I also won my choice of a painting in another blog (link is posted on my right side bar) and this is the print my Husband helped me choose. It took me all day to decide since she has so many wonderful paintings to choose from. Now I have another goal that when I find a bigger house I would like to cover it with paintings from this Famous Artist


papel1 said...

That must have been quite an ordeal delivering a baby in a van. I can't imagine it. And congratulations on winning that cute painting. Lucky you.

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Cute Story...Baby's don't wait on us they come when they're good and ready..Dad must have done a good job sounds like Amanda has done very well..

Have a great day!

Prim blessings

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

What a delightful rewarding and touching.
Thanks for sharing this sweet story with us...what a proud man your son must have been at that moment. Bless his heart.

What a great picture you chose! Congratulations.